ecotourism in sri lanka

Ecotourism in Sri Lanka With Overa Tours

Enjoy ecotourism in Sri Lanka, which is a rising niche market. It offers you the chance to enjoy multifactorial attractions such as the:

  • Tallest ranges
  • Longest sea coasts
  • World’s largest religions
  • Majestic civilizations
  • Beautiful cultures
  • Artistic temples
  • Unprecedented variety of ecosystems, habitats, flora & fauna
  • Unimaginable biodiversity
  • Topographical variations

Ours is the pinnacle of diversity, elegance, and heritage, all blended with one of the world’s finest treasures of warm, welcoming, and smiling residents. When selecting an ecotourism resort, you choose to:

  • Protect the environment, heritage, and culture
  • Support local communities who are primary caretakers of environmental assets and play an active, vital role in the protection of precious habitats

At Overa Tours, we emphasize this factor with a long-term vision, which is explained on this page.

Ecotourism Sri Lanka – Overview

Ecotourism in Sri Lanka is a big revolution right now, where most tourists choose to enjoy the true essence of their surroundings, such as clean seas and undiscovered wilderness. Many rainforests and wetlands are on the list of areas to travel for eco-tourism. Pearly beaches and small islands are also popular with visitors. 

When it comes to wildlife, night camping, having a better glance at the creatures are the key aspects of it. Hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking are components of an eco-tourism that guarantees optimum accessibility to nature with limited infrastructure. 

Several laws apply when traveling, littering is strictly forbidden, no vandalization of any land or exploitation of any wild animal. The rainforests need to be preserved as far as possible in their untouched states. Eco-tourism is the next greatest thing to do when you visit Sri Lanka, it offers you the chance to get as connected to nature as you will ever be. 

As part of your travel arrangements, you actively chose to appreciate your holiday as an opportunity of learning and enrichment, as well as: 

  • Minimally affecting the environment 
  • Learn about and appreciate the local culture and the ecosystem 
  • Having meaningful interactions for all of us  
  • Employing and helping residents 
  • Know regarding local political, social, and environmental concerns 
  • Ensure that your budget leads to the sustainability of the area 
  • Assisting in the protection of special ecosystems such as wildlife, agriculture, nature, water, etc. 
  • Learning and bringing back fresh concepts to shape your own environment 
  • Obtaining fresh and unparalleled experiences 
  • Helping not only Sri Lanka, but also the planet as a whole

Reasons Why Ecotourism Sri Lanka Has Been Growing:

Among the factors that allow one to recognize why ecotourism has been rising are: 

  • Remote eco-tourism destinations are becoming cheaper to visit due to inexpensive flights and accessible facilities 
  • Many citizens are not pleased or content with conventional tourism destinations and activities – therefore, there is a growing interest in demanding and more educational tourism 
  • There is a greater understanding of the need to preserve the world and a willingness to contribute to this cause 
  • Travelers tend to be viewed as something different and environmentally friendly 
  • Ecotourism will help to preserve sensitive habitats and increase knowledge of local environmental and social problems 
  • It can also provide income opportunities for local people

Ecotourism Sri Lanka – Our Vision

As per the International Ecotourism Society (TIES), ecotourism can be explained as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people and involves interpretation and education”. Thus, we make their definition as the foundation of our ecotourism in Sri Lanka methods. Without a question, Sri Lanka is a favourite destination for many. Therefore, as a local travel agency, we must take steps to protect the island and make it available to future generations. 

There are so many sites of amazing natural beauty as soon as you leave the country’s capital, Colombo, and go in either direction. Here are a few examples that we think you must add to your Sri Lanka itinerary:

  1. Whale watching in Mirissa
  2. Go Surfing in Mirissa
  3. Stay in and visit Ella
  4. Elephant Safari in Sigiriya
  5. Take the train from Kandy to Ella

Eco-friendly accommodation

If you are dedicated to sustainable travel, eco-friendly accommodation is important. There are a broad variety of eco-resorts in Sri Lanka for luxury lovers, and we’ve written about several of our favorites in our blog articles. 

Some great homestays are ideal for anyone on a budget. And wherever you stay, it’s crucial to keep up with the eco-friendly way of traveling – switch off the lights when you don’t need them, don’t bathe for longer than you would need – everything you are already doing at your home. Only make sure you don’t slip up while you’re on vacation!

Eco-friendly transport

Public transport travel is a sure way to minimize the environmental footprint by limiting the usage of fuel used in private vehicles, etc. It is up to you if you opt to travel on public trains and busses in the country, as we admit that you might well be in for a bumpy trip. 

If you don’t prefer public transport, we can arrange responsible private transport options, making sure that Sri Lanka is safe in terms of air, water, and sound pollution.     

At Overa Tours, we comply with several international standards for environmentally friendly transport. We ensure that only new, well-maintained vehicles are used to convey our clients. Of course, we can even use public transport to minimize traffic jams. 

All vehicles in our fleet are well maintained and screened for smoke and functionality at regular intervals. Only responsible drivers are hired, and the tour guides we select are licensed.

Why Join the Ecotourism Sri Lanka Movement of Overa Tours?

Joining the movement of ecotourism is a way to ensure that the tourism sector manages to flourish and to bring social and economic advantages to destinations and societies across Sri Lanka and the globe. 

Ecotourism offers the potential for a pleasant and successful immersion in the natural environment, culminating in deeper compassion and improved stewardship over the existing natural wonders of Sri Lanka and the rest of the world.