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Hot Air Ballooning In Sri Lanka is here to change things. It can enhance any occasion into a truly magical and unforgettable experience. Sri Lanka is a gorgeous country and seeing the island while you on a hot air balloon that almost touches the blue sky makes you feel like you are in heaven. One hot air balloon ride in Sri Lanka can be the greatest gift that you ever give to someone special. At Overa Tours, we do it in style for you.

Without a doubt, this is the best way to experience the beauty of Sri Lanka. Flying over jungles, rock fortresses, miles of paddy fields, birds, and even elephants: this ultimate travel experience sinks right into the very bottom of your heart.


Hot Air Ballooning In Sri Lanka:

You can explore the country like a free bird. It can get so romantic over there on the other hand. A balloon ride is a perfect option for the following memorable events in your life:

 * For birthday celebrations: This is undoubtedly the best, surprising gift to give for your loved ones’ birthdays. Signing Happy Birthday to them while gliding over stunning Sri Lanka; are there any better ways to celebrate a remarkable birthday?

* Marriage proposal or ceremonies: Propose to her and ask the life-changing question. There’s magic in the air. Such a romantic proposal only ends with her saying, “I live the rest of my life as your loving wife.” Also, hot air ballooning Sri Lanka is perhaps the best theme for wedding anniversary celebrations. It takes you back to your wedding days, no matter how many years have passed since then.

* Honeymoon holidays in Sri Lanka: The jewel of the Indian Ocean is a complete honeymoon destination. And hot air balloon Sri Lanka has become a top part of it. Romantic balloon rides with your better half next to you, and in the magical air is a paradisiacal combination.

* Adventure holidays in Sri Lanka: Of course, a balloon ride can get as exciting as the ultimate option for travelers who visit here for adventure holidays in Sri Lanka.

* Cultural Triangle Tours: This is more of a dignified experience that shows you all the wonders of Sri Lanka’s majestic history through jaw-dropping sceneries of ancient kingdoms and world heritage sites. Make this a must-do when planning cultural tours in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Hot Air Ballooning Top Destinations:

1) Sigiriya, the Rock Fortress.

2) Kandalama.

3) The Cultural Triangle.

4) Bentota.

5) Galle.

Our Best Tip: Wear thick clothes and enclosed shoes. Don’t forget your hat, sunglasses, and the camera too. 

Contact Overa Tours for exclusive hot air ballooning Sri Lanka packages. We arrange the most satisfying hot air balloon ride Sri Lanka for any special occasion.