The fascinating leopard is a star of the animal kingdom. Wildlife fanatics consider it a fabulous opportunity to witness at least one leopard. The dream becomes more than a reality in Yala. The land area contains leopards than anywhere on the planet (leopard density.) A safari in Yala national park is the world’s best choice for leopard expeditions. It is safe to say that you will “definitely” see leopards here.

The Fascinating Yala National Park in Sri Lanka:

It is a huge land area of lagoons and grasslands, making it a perfect and lusty living home for various animal species. The Yala Safari takes you closer to all this glory. Known as the world’s leopard kingdom, Yala is also the home of many other captivating mammals. Yala National Park Safari is a perfect wildlife experience in all terms; 215 bird species, 44 mammal species, 47 reptile species, 18 amphibian species, and 21 fish species live in Yala. All these facts and figures are remarkable in any wildlife safari standards.

The elephant herd of Yala may contain up to 350 individuals; again, it is also one of the highest recorded elephants in one place. About 25 individual leopards wander in block one.

A quick Tip: A total of five blocks make this world-class wildlife site.

Yala National Park — The Experience:

When considering the number of animal species living within a smaller land area, Yala National Park is perhaps the world’s number one safari destination.

Your experience in Yala is an overwhelming time with various fascinating animals. The annual temperature in the region hits 27 degrees Celsius, but this tropical climate makes safari tours more convenient and enjoyable. The cool wind that blows over lush greenery and the park’s natural water sources refreshes you from the beginning to the end. Yala’s reputation as a top wildlife destination has resulted in a blooming of a high number of luxury hotels and resorts in the region. Therefore, you can plan your soul-satisfying safari in Yala national park with 100% peace of mind about your comfortable and safe stay in the region.

A golden tip for wildlife fanatics in Asia: Why travel to Africa when beautiful Sri Lanka is much near? The jewel of the Indian Ocean has 22 superclass national parks, including the extraordinary Yala. Every iconic species of the animal kingdom lives here in abundance.

Everything about this superior national park makes it extraordinary for safaris and wildlife tours. It is not a thick forest, but it is not a dry land either. Grasslands, lakes, landscape, the road chain, and other many exclusive features make Yala your dream wildlife safari destination. Yala national park safari tour planners also play a vital role in giving you the best wildlife experience.


Useful Tips About Yala National Park Safari:


  • While the warm weather in the Yala region is perfect for tropical safaris, but don’t forget to wear sun cream.
  • Bring enough bottled water to stay hydrated.
  • Stay in the safari vehicle for your and animals’ safety until the tour guide gives the “OK.” (Overa Tours adheres to safari regulations for the safety of all parties.)
  • Yala is the home of animals, not ours.

Yala National Park Safari can be a half-day or a full-day package. You can also request a customized Yala tour from your safari planner. At Overa Tours, we are more than happy to fulfill all your wildlife safari desires by offering you tailor-made tours/packages.

Book Your Safari Today: We are local safari experts. We know Yala from A to Z. Don’t worry about the best time to visit Yala for elephant or leopard sightings. Let us know your requirements, including your favorite animal; we arrange everything after carefully considering your distinct requirements. Safari in Yala national park is irreplaceable.

Overa Tours is here to make every safari a lifetime memory for wildlife lovers. Our affordable Yala national park safari packages also give you peace of mind about the budget. We are a multi-theme tour planner; we cover other national parks as well. Contact us today and make your wildlife safari tours dream come true.

Yala National Park Safari Information

Yala National Park Opening and Closing Times – 6.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m

Yala National Park Entrances

  • Palatupana entrance (Yala Block 1) – Busy entrance, Highest leopard density out of all the blocks
  • Katagamuwa entrance (Yala Block 2) – Less traffic
  • Galge entrance (Yala Block 3 & 5) – Less traffic, Second highest leopard density out of all the blocks
  • Kumana entrance (Yala East) – Best for Bird Watchers, Less traffic

 Yala Safari Duration – 3 hours (Extended safaris, full day safaris, birdwatching safaris and night safaris can be arranged.)

Major eco-systems inside Yala National Park

  • Moist monsoon forests
  • Dry monsoon forests
  • Semi deciduous forests
  • Thorn forests
  • Grasslands
  • Marshes
  • Marine wetlands
  • Sandy beaches
  • Freshwater lake birds