Nature Tour - 12 Days

Wildlife and safari tour in Sri Lanka

Dreams coming true for your most awaited wildlife and safari tour in Sri Lanka. Briefing everything we provide the best wildlife and echo trill moments during this tour.  We don’t just limit it to Wildlife but it’s going to be the best Echo Vacation in Sri Lanka. We will take you to the best tourist destinations in Sri Lanka that’s famous for Wildlife.

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Most importantly there the best nature attractive places that you can come across with a variety of Species comes in the variety of  Wild Animals, Birds, deep-sea species(Whales) and endangered species. We are very keen and our motive is to change the way people perceive Wildlife Tourism in Sri Lanka, taking guests into the more remote and therefore less visited parks – without constantly doing the popular and more frequented parks only.

Spot on Yala marks the place for the Lord of the Jungle ‘Leopards’  with a leopard density that’s higher than anywhere else on this planet, their menacing predators prowl majestically in Yala, while the huge elephants roam in numbers with cautious deer scampering by their side. Marking more destinations like Udawalawa highlights as the best destinations for more Wildlife Tours in Sri Lanka.

Running down to the – South coast of Sri Lanka yet more interesting and awaiting surprises on your tour. A day at  Mirissa signifies the importance of witnessing the beauty of Sri Lankan territorial waters in the Indian ocean where passengers will have a rare opportunity of a close encounter with the largest living mammals and spinning dolphins with luxury and comfort. Best part of the journey comes when the wildlife Tours in Sri Lanka comes into play, and when Wildlife and Echo tourism both  comes together Kanneliya Forest Reserve trekking is the most eye-catching and the most memorable journey  that you never want to miss in the journey it is the forest reserve consists of a series of parallel hills and valleys; ranging in elevation from 60m to 425m above sea level, and extending to an area of approximately 5306 hectares.

We make sure you don’t regret your stay here in Sri Lanka filled and the tour filled with  Wildlife and Echo Tourism and our motive is for you to take back memories home to sit back and recall on your leisure.


Day 1
Airport / Colombo

Welcome to the breathtaking lovely paradise Sri Lanka. Our team representative from Overa Tours will pick you from the Colombo International Airport (CMB).Like most vacations the day begins from Colombo , the nation’s Capital. We transfer to a star hotel for the remainder day for leisure which is located in Colombo with seafront and a short walk from the Galle road and more for city highlights. Chose to head out to the city or take a dip in the pool enjoying some cocktails whilst enjoying the taste of the evening sunset over the Loco dive Sea.

If you wish to head out here the option to explore

• Muthurajawela Wetlands

Overnight stay at Hotel

Day 2

Starting of a brand new day and giving a farewell to Colombo get your bags pack to proceed to Sigiriya with a travel time of approx. 4- 5 hours . On the way you can stop by to taste a Sri Lankan Traditional Lunch. After lunch wind for the rest of the journey and don’t hesitate to stop if you find anything interesting down the ride . With the dawn of the evening approaching Sigiriya it’s the perfect time and the best time of the day with the lovely sunset to climb the huge rock plateau, formed from magma of an extinct volcano, is 200 meters higher than the surrounding jungles. Referred by locals as the Eighth Wonder of the World this ancient palace and fortress complex has significant archaeological importance and attracts thousands of tourists every year. The fortress complex includes remnants of a ruined palace, surrounded by an extensive network of fortifications, vast gardens, ponds, canals, alleys and fountains. Trekking down the huge rock stop by to enjoy a fresh juice made by the locals enjoying the greenery of Sri Lanka.

It comes to the end of a tired day buckle up to get to the hotel for the night enjoying diner rewinding your memories,.

Day highlight- Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Day 3
Polonnaruwa Excursion

Wake-up to see the red glowing sunrise over the mountains . Never miss to grab your cameras for the day , starting of with the breakfast from hotel essentials packed up to proceed to Pollonnaruwa with a journey time of approx 1.5 hours. Polonnaruwa is the Island’s 2nd largest kingdom. Today the ancient city of Polonnaruwa remains one of the best planned Archeological relic sites in the country, standing testimony to the discipline and greatness of the Kingdom’s first rulers. Begin the journey meeting the Royal Palace then proceeding to explore the Ancient Swimming Pools that kings used and proceed to Rankot Vihara isa huge dagaba in excellent condition, of impressive 54 meters tall! It is the largest dagaba in Polonnaruwa, the fourth largest in Sri Lanka, and dates back to King Nissanka Malla. It never ends here also never miss to explore the large Buddha Statues .

Take a break to have some snacks and some rest . The journey after break doesn’t end here and don’t miss the lovely evening with the elephants we will drive you to Minneriya to see the lovely scenery of the elephants Bathing with the sun kissing sunset with the dawn of the night the you can see the elephants return back to the jungle. Proceed to hotel enjoy dinner and stay overnight at hotel in Sigiriya .

Day highlights – Polonnaruwan ancient city and Minneriya national park

Day 4

Start of another brand new day check out of hotel and bags packed again to proceed to a lovely destination filled with Greenery and considered as the last capital of the Sri Lankan Kings and its none other than Kandy approx drive of ( 3 hours) . We make our first stop at the Sacred Temple of Tooth Relic. Legend has it that one of Buddha’s teeth was taken from him as he lay on his funeral pyre. It was then smuggled into Sri Lanka in 313AD. It now attracts daily pilgrims who come bearing lotus flowers and frangipani. After a drive through the Kandy Lake built by the last Sinhala king, visiting the local bazaar and a gem museum would be an interesting part of the trip. The Day doesn’t end here wait for a beautiful Sri Lankan Traditional and Cultural Dance.

Since its being a long day drive back to hotel and stay overnight in Kandy.

Day Highlights- Tooth relic temple, Kandy city and Cultural dancing show

Day 5

Would you ever wish to wake up in the morning to be in England . Its never to late you’ll be right there in 3.5 hours check out of hotel and proceed to Nuwara Eliya also called as Little England start feeling the coldness , lovely greenery and get into the hill country side. Passing kilometer upon kilometer of verdant tea plantations that hug the winding mountain passes, we’ll see waterfalls, suspension bridges and tea pickers on our journey up to Nuwara Eliya – Sri Lanka’s most popular hill resort. Nuwara Eliya is also the heart of Sri Lanka’s tea country producing a significant share of the world’s best tea. We will make our first stop at Huggala Botanical Gardens to explore the trilling nature of Sri Lanka. Later after lunch we proceed to Gregory Lake to enjoy water sports have a mini trip on boat . Before Late evening drive through the place you dreamed since morning Little England here we come .

Day will come to an end stay overnight in Nuwara Eliya

Day highlights- Tea factory and Nuwaraeliya city

Day 6
Nuwaraeliya / Udawalawa

Here we get in the wild, sad farewell for the coldness and lovely greenery but nothing to worry about check out of hotel and we proceed to one of the most iconic and the most famous destination for the wild . A ride through of 4 hours journey would never make you regret. We surely can do a Jeep Safari today . We head south to Embilipitiya, our base for exploring Udawalawe National Park. This national park is probably one of the best places to spot the famous Sri Lankan Elephant, the biggest of all the Asian Elephants. It is thought that there are around 400 elephants here. The park is also home to the elusive leopard, the Sri Lankan Sloth Bear and lots of types of deer. We take an afternoon game drive here before returning to the hotel for the night.

Day highlights – Udawalawa national park

Day 7

Exploring the wild never ends here yet another day begins to grab you Cameras we are definitely sure that you cant put all the memories you made in one photo frame drive through of approx. 2 hours after checking out of hotel we reach Yala National Park. Yala National Park – the second largest national park in Sri Lanka. This afternoon we take a jeep safari of the park. The park also has one of the highest concentrations of Asian elephants in the world – and about 350 live here. Also present are sloth bears, golden palm civets, Sri Lankan krait, crocodiles and biggest numbers of leopards. The coastline around the park is visited by leatherback and loggerhead sea turtles.some of the biggest numbers of leopards. The coastline around the park is visited by leatherback andloggerhead sea turtles. It’s the most beautiful destination for enjoy your lovely evening in the wild and watch how animals interact with the Nature. Late evening we reach hotel and spend the night in Yala.

Day highlights- Yala national park

Day 8

Since day 8 has arrived we are sure your puzzled in your mind that you missed something badly on your trip, NO – we haven’t made you miss anything with us we are sure your eagerly waiting to hear why you a can’t reach the blue waves and feel the taste of salty sandy beaches . Here we go – Drive through of aprox 3 hours to Mirissa we stop by on our way at the Bundala National Park because we never want you miss the last spot for your Wildlife Trip. This fantastic labyrinth of waterways, dunes and lagoons is the home to thousands of brightly coloured birds from over 200 species. It is also home to the magnificent greater flamingo and has a decent amount of Asian elephants that call the park home. We take a jeep safari round the park where will spend 3- 4 hours and in the late afternoon we get to Mirissa by the afternoon leisurely spend your late evening enjoying with family or friends have some cocktails by the beach and stay over night in Mirissa .

Day highlights- Bundala national park

Day 9
Mirissa Leisure

Making it a full leisure day enjoy with family and friends sharing your lovely memories and collected moments through out the the trip .Get out in the afternoon to have some lovely lunch or enjoy some seafood and have a really Fun day ahead . Stay overnight at hotel

Day 10
Whales and Dolphins watching tour in Mirissa

Wake up hearing the sound of the lovely waves rolling , Enjoy a Lovely Breakfast from hotel . Running down with the best option. its an early start as we transfer to the boat pier for our Whale and Dolphin Watching boat cruise. During this time of year Fin Whales, Bryde’s Whales, Sperm Whales, Blue Whales – the largest creatures on earth, Whale Sharks, Orcas and dolphins are very often seen just a few kilometres off Sri Lanka’s southern coast. The round trip may last anywhere between 2 – 6 hours with an average of 4 hours depending on how far out at sea the mammals are located. After having a blissful morning with the Whale and the Dolphins and so much of things to wind up for the day and talk about the lovely moments from the morning so drive back to hotel in the afternoon and sit back in the beach and relax your day awaiting for more surprises at Mirissa for out next day here.

Day highlights- Whales and Dolphins watching tour

Day 11
Kanneliya Rain Forest Excursion

Yet another morning with the blue waves get your essentials packed up and have Breakfast from hotel to enjoy some different experience than you had for the rest of the days. Get ready to get in the jungles and to be lost in the dark in the sunny day and look up for large huge trees and different kind of species with your tracking inside the Kanneliya Forest Reserve its 1.5 hours journey from Mirissa`. Walk along the dark Trails of the Jungle you will surely comes across different species like different type of snakes, wildlife animals and will also come across with lovely waterfalls formed out of this nature. Spend the day till evening in this lovely greenery. Return back to hotel before late evening and enjoy the dinner with friends or Family and stay overnight in Mirissa

Day highlight- Kanneliya reain forest

Day 12

Wake up to another day with the sound of the waves. But Sadly the trip has come to an end but we are sure there are no regrets for you to think about as you have been making memories all this while. After breakfast get your bags pack and proceed to Colombo as you need to be in airport 3 hours prior to your Flight . Hope you enjoyed Sri Lanka.

Have a safe Journey Back Home

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