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Romantic getaways are the perfect way to share in new experiences and create the perfect memories that last a lifetime. Overa Tours honeymoon & romantic tour in Srilanka provide you with the perfect locations and activities for kindling love and affection, whether you’re jetting off on your honeymoon. A romantic tour in Sri Lanka, featuring handpicked accommodations perfectly suited for honeymooning couples. Exciting safaris, romantic walks in the arms of nature as well as stunning waterways are all part of this romantic package. Fall in love all over again while cuddling with a hot cup of tea in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. You can’t go wrong at one of the ultimate destinations for honeymooners with endless privileges for that perfect honeymoon vacation. South coast of Srilanka, alluring whitewashed facades of sloping seaside area contrast the effervescent sea and sky. Begin your new marriage with hearts full of love, after ten impossibly romantic nights in Srilanka

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Honeymoon Packages In Sri Lanka For Endless Love & Romanticism

Honeymoon Packages In Sri Lanka is your top choice when you look for a romantic honeymoon destination bursting with adventure and culture. The pearl of the Indian Ocean is the home for many renowned, romantic honeymoon sites of the world. Sri Lanka is perhaps the best choice for multi-theme honeymoons blended with nature’s magical essences, adventure, and ancient culture and civilization sites. Honeymoon tours in Sri Lanka make your first trip right after the wedding with your better half the most romantic memory for the lifetime.

[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Honeymoon Tour Packages In Sri Lanka: What do you consider to be the most heavenly places for endless romantic, intimate times? Is it golden beaches where you can sit next to your soulmate and watch a magical sunset? Or, you prefer more wilderness settings where you can get closer to her in a luxury camp within a world-famous wildlife national park? The Ceylon has created may honeymoon themes and concepts over the past few years. Sri Lanka honeymoon tours can fulfill all your inner desires and give you the best of nature to explore your souls better.

A Romantic Tip: All the honeymoon themes that the world knows can happen in Sri Lanka in perfect style.

The beautiful settings of the jewel of the Indian Ocean have made it a hot spot destination for weddings as well. Affordable prices, minor legalities, and world-class honeymoon tour planners like us make your dream honeymoon come true. Sri Lanka is a year-round travel destination, making it one of the top choices for year-around honeymoons as well.

Below is a list of honeymoon themes to plan here:

1) Wildlife Honeymoon Packages In Sri Lanka: This gorgeous island is the world’s best choice for wildlife-loving couples. There’s no other country in the world that has 22 national parks filled with fascinating animals in high numbers; Sri Lanka is the world’s only country that comes with this exclusive feature. Honeymoon tours in Sri Lanka within one of the national parks are the best choice for adventure-wildlife-loving couples. Wildlife safaris, wildlife camping, luxury camping, and wildlife-themed hotels are the essences to enjoy with your better half and create lifetime memories in romantic settings.

2) Adventure Honeymoon Packages In Sri Lanka: Golden beaches, calm seas, many hundreds of natural water resources within the country, natural landscapes, miles of highly-scenic trekking/hiking trails, and much more adventurous elements within a smaller land area here. The number of adventurous activities to try here is a big list. Every couple who loves adventure blended with nature’s best elements can choose Sri Lanka honeymoon tour. Wildlife expeditions, adventure water activities, hiking, trekking, cycling tours, and rainforest tours are only a few of the activities for energetic honeymoon couples; much more can happen here.

3) Mini (Budget) Honeymoon Packages In Sri Lanka: Do you prefer spending the best days after your wedding in a foreign country, but you have a tight budget for it? Don’t worry; Sri Lanka fits the bill. This paradisiac island is the number one choice for budget honeymoons, but the experience you get here worths a million dollars. Honeymoon tours in Sri Lanka can happen at affordable rates, we offer first-class packages and exciting deals for all honeymoon couples; contact us today!

4) Volunteer & Eco-Tourism Honeymoon Packages In Sri Lanka: This has become a trend among couples who prefer doing something good together after the wedding. Volunteer honeymoon is a unique and priceless theme; you give back to those in need. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, but it is a developing country yet. You can help the people here and satisfy your souls by seeing the happiness of the people in need. Eco-tourism refers to the conversation of nature. Honeymoon tours in Sri Lanka take you to a nature-rich paradise where you can do so much for the loving, majestic nature. You can also take part in farming and village activities.


5) Culture & Discovery Honeymoon Packages In Sri Lanka: The jewel of the Indian Ocean is the best choice for culture and discovery honeymoon themes in Asia. Hundreds of ancient ruins of the many-thousand-year-old history wait here to surprise you. There are endless discoveries for couples who love history and culture. UNESCO world heritage sites, UNESCO nature reserves, and century-old temples, fortresses, places, and ancient sites to explore through Sri Lanka honeymoon tour.


6) Scenic-Romantic Honeymoon Packages In Sri Lanka: This island is a paradise. Nature-rich environment, mountains, highly-scenic villages, heavenly hilltops, miles of tea plantations, breath-taking destinations, and the hundreds of nature’s wonders wait here for nature-loving newlyweds. Many honeymoon couples love spending romantic, private times witnessing the gorgeous nature. Sri Lanka is a hub of honeymoon hotels and resorts; your dream come true here.

7) Luxury Honeymoon Packages In Sri Lanka: Do you love luxury and VIP settings to spend the honeymoon with your better half? You can combine any honeymoon theme with luxury here. Star-grade honeymoon hotels/resorts and camping sites are in abundance in Sri Lanka.


Overa Tours is a leading honeymoon planner in Sri Lanka. Our world-class service arranges everything for you for a memorable, loving honeymoon in this tropical paradise. Contact us today for more information.


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