Hikkaduwa was a beach hideout during the 70s and 80s, preferred by hippies. It was a place to chill in the old days but not anymore. Today, Hikkaduwa is a popular beach resort in Sri Lanka, with nice surf points, cool scuba dive sites, good accommodation, great seafood restaurants, and an urban beach full of budget travellers.

Hikkaduwa boasts of one of the only two marine national parks in Sri Lanka. However, its glory days as a marine life hotspot had passed a long time ago. Nonetheless, Hikkaduwa is a great beach for sunbathing and easy swimming, with colourful fish and sea turtles still frequenting the shallow waters. Water temperature is 270, all year round. It is definitely blessed with spectacular sunsets, which adds colour to this beach all year round. The best time to visit is from November to April. Although, the popular Hikkaduwa Beach Fest falls around July and August every year.

Hikkaduwa is one of the few sleepless beaches in Sri Lanka, with flashy nightclubs and an array of decent pubs to keep travellers occupied. For scuba divers and surfers, Hikkaduwa is easily accessible through the expressway, which connects Hikkaduwa directly to the airport.

Hikkaduwa beach has good surfing waves for all ages and levels of experience. The popular surf points are Bennys, Main reef, North jetty and the Beach break. Surf rentals at Hikkaduwa cater to the experienced while lots of surf schools offer good beginner packages.

As a scuba diving spot, Hikkaduwa is already well established. Led by the beautiful shipwrecks of SS Conch and Earl of Shaftsbury, its shallow seas offer a diverse set of dive sites. All Hikkaduwa dive sites are listed below.

Earl of Shaftsbury Shipwreck (15m)

SS Conch Shipwreck (22m)

Kirala Gala (40m)

Diyamba Gala (24m)

Sunil Gala (18m)

Goda Gala (24m)

Wal Duwa Gala (10m)

Black Coral Point (35m)

Hikkaduwa Reef (10m)

Tunatta (13m)

Kadawara Gala (22m)

Goda Kadawara Gala (16m)

All PADI Scuba diving courses are provided by a well-organized diving community at Hikkaduwa as well.

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