whale watching in mirissa
whale watching in mirissa
whale watching in mirissa

Whale Watching In Sri Lanka is a mysterious experience. Encountering these majestic creatures so-called whales can be intensely moving. The jewel of the Indian Ocean is a small island, but the magical surrounding ocean is a healthy home for jaw-dropping whale species, including Blue Whales and Sperm Whales. You can go whale watching around any country with beaches and sea, but Sri Lanka is a renowned destination for guaranteed whale watching. Whale watching and Guaranteed Whale Watching are not the same. Various whale species come closer to the shores here to kiss the golden beaches, increasing the chance of sights to the maximum level, “guaranteed whale spotting.” Our expert tour service combines with authentic Whale Watching In Sri Lanka for a spellbinding experience in the world underwater and enchanting shores.


Top Whale Watching Destinations That We Cover: While the whole of the ocean surrounding this magical island can be the home for wonderful whales, but three locations are famous because of the diversity and number of cetaceans ( Dolphins & Whales.)

1) Mirissa in the south-west.

2) Trincomalee in the north-east.

3) Kalpitiya on the west coast.

The highest number of whales reaching the Indian Ocean visit these locations in abundance, making those the pinnacles of Whale Watching In Sri Lanka.


Whale Watching Mirissa Sri Lanka:

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This is one kingdom of Blue Whales and Sperm Whales, and watching these giants is one of the most thrilling and must-try adventurous water activities during your Sri Lanka holiday. Cute dolphins wandering shores are the real bonus here. Stunning Mirissa is the best location for whale watching in Sri Lanka.

November to April is the best time to spot these fascinating sea creatures in Mirissa as the region’s magical ocean is calm, and many whale species migrate to Mirissa from the southern hemisphere. The migration of a higher number of whales during this season raises the chances of whale watching in Mirissa up to a staggering 98%, which is one of the highest probabilities recorded anywhere on the planet. Blue whales, fin whales, sperm whales, short-finned whales, Bryde’s whales, dolphins, whale sharks, and killer whales are the mammoth creatures wandering the shores near Mirissa during this time of the year.

May to October is the offseason, the ocean is rough, and whale watching in Mirissa doesn’t happen.

The average duration of our well-planned whale watching tours is four hours. The span of the tour can vary from 3-5 hours, depending on the weather forecast. Contact us today for more information on fabulous whale watching in Sri Lanka packages in Mirissa.


Whale Watching In Trincomalee:

While Mirissa is the top location for whale watching, but Trincomalee also has wonders to show you in abundance. Trincomalee is on the internationally significant whale-watching destinations list now. Trincomalee shore is yet another perfect spot for witnessing these magnificent creatures from the land. For example, Swami Rock is a perfect spot for bonus whale sightings even before you sail to blue waters. Dolphins also gather near these shores in large numbers from March to April and August to September. These exclusive features make Trincomalee a top destination for whale watching in Sri Lanka.

The chance of spotting whales in Trincomalee during the peak seasons is high as 90%, which is also one of the highest recorded occurrences in the world after the prime location for whale watching, Mirissa. The perfect Trincomalee beach with these amazing creatures offers you a fantastic travel destination for family, adventure, group, and honeymoon holidays in Sri Lanka.

Whale Watching In Kalpitiya:

The sea near Kalpitiya is a top choice for whale watching as the dignified creatures wander closer to the coastline, giving you top sights in shallow waters. A brief boat ride away from the charming shore gets you closer to various whale species and adorable dolphins, formulating an unforgettable experience. Holiday features of beautiful Kalpitiya enhance Whale watching in Sri Lanka experience to heavenly levels.

Sperm whales and dolphins are a common sight in the ocean waters of paradisiac Kalpitya, and the spotting of blue whales is the real bonus. November to March is the peak season for whale watching in Kalpitiya.

Whale Watching In Sri Lanka With Overa Tour: 

Whale watching can be the most adventurous and thrilling activity in Sri Lanka. However, the tourer you choose has to comply with international whale watching practices and protect those noble creatures during watching. We guarantee your safety and those creatures’, which is one of our top priorities. Besides, we adhere to the following safety precautions when whale watching:

1) Maintaining a sound distance from the boat to dignified whales and dolphins for the safety of all.

2) We never cross the whales’ course.

3) The sailing boats we use are in good condition to ensure your safety and minimize sea pollution.

Our whale watching in Sri Lanka packages are excellently suited for any holiday theme. Overa Tours is renowned for creating customized holiday packages. Contact us today and book your memorable holiday and have the best time witnessing the world’s real giants.