Ramayana Tours In Sri Lanka

Ramayana tours in Sri Lanka are your most exceptional opportunity to explore the magnificent history and the legend of Ramayanaya. While India has many sites related to this world-famous and dignified epic, Sri Lanka too has numerous sites that complete the saga and take you back to those glorified days. A Ramayana tour package in Sri Lanka is perfect in terms of completing the godly story that you hear and witness in India.

The pearl of the Indian Ocean is a world-class travel destination. You can enjoy the magnificence of the great legend through breathtaking sites across the whole island in the daytime and have a peaceful and relaxing time in a luxury hotel in the nighttime. All included in Ramayana trips in Sri Lanka.

Ramayana Tours In Sri Lanka Explained:

The battle between Lord Rama and the great king Ravana comes in the world-famous Sanskrit epic of ancient India, Ramayana/Ramayanaya. In fact, the Ramayana is one of the greatest ancient legends in world literature. Over fourteen movies, ten TV series, and eight books are there to explain the magnificence of this epic. So, you can feel the weight and power of this exceptional tour already, don’t you! Hundreds of Ramayana trip-related temples, ancient sites, and monuments are there, scattered across India and Sri Lanka. A Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka takes you to this magical incident that took place many thousands of years ago.

Ramayana Trail Tours Sri Lanka Must-See Sites:

Many Ramayana sites to explore here, including Chilaw, Trincomalee, Ramboda, Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Colombo, Hasalaka, Kothmale, and Jaffa. 68 Ramayana and traditional Hindu sites wait here to give you a dignified holiday experience filled with noble thoughts and feelings.

Each of these sites is a significant chapter of the great epic. From the place where King Ravana first hid Goddess Sita after kidnapping and the battlefield where Lord Rama defeated King Ravana and rescued Goddess Sita; this historical island has it all.

Ramayana Tours In Sri Lanka With Overa Tours:

Other than the top Ramayana sites mentioned here, we can also take you to Cobra Hooded Cave in Sigiriya, Ussangoda, Ritigala caves, Rumassala in Galle, and Seenigama Temple in Hikkaduwa.

We have masterly created the itineraries to take you back to the past and visualize the epic in your heart. We are local travel experts who provide world-class tourer services. Contact us today for more information on Ramayana trips in Sri Lanka.