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Thailand tours from Sri Lanka

If you are traveling to Thailand from Sri Lanka for holidays, get ready for the journey of your lifetime. This one will stay with you forever. Thailand packs a punch. That is why you should plan your Thailand stay to cover the most sought after attractions and things to do in Thailand. You definitely can enjoy an authentic Thailand travel experience if you plan your Thailand tour from Sri Lanka in advance. Planning a visit to such a vibrant country all by yourself can be a daunting task, especially for the inexperienced. That is why we, at Overa Tours, assembled a team of Sri Lankans who are experienced Thailand travel specialists.  Overa Tours will give you the best travel solutions for your tour of Thailand from Sri Lanka.

Why Tour Thailand from Sri Lanka

Who wouldn’t want to tour Thailand! Thailand travel packages for Sri Lankans is popular enough but make no mistake because Thailand is one of the most visited and popular tourist destinations in the world. This panoramic Southeast Asian country is a neighbour to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. As a Theravada Buddhist country, Thailand’s age-old culture has given it its own unique flavour that has been mesmerizing travellers for centuries. If you are considering going on a Thailand tour from Sri Lanka on your own or with friends and family, here are some good reasons why you should invest in a Thailand tour package from Sri Lanka.

The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is a premier travel destination in the world.

The climate is perfect and somewhat similar to Sri Lanka and you will feel at home right away.

Thailand culture is fascinating and very close to Theravada Buddhism. You might find some similarities.

There are so many things to do in Thailand for Sri Lankans.

Thailand is blessed with many natural attractions.

No matter what your budget is Thailand offers suitable tours for everyone.

Ideal destination for all types of travel (Beach holidays, Honeymoon tours, Safari tours, Pilgrimage travel, etc)


Planning the Perfect Bangkok Sightseeing Tour

Let’s start with Bangkok. Bangkok is a megacity with a population of almost 10 million people. It is a huge city and is constantly changing. Holidays in Bangkok for Sri Lankans are a walk in the park if you know where to go. When you book your Bangkok travel packages from Sri Lanka with Overa Tours, you can look forward to a Bangkok tour that will make the best of what this city has to offer and enjoy the very best of her vibrant colours. We, as Sri Lankans, understand how important it is to make the most out of the time you spend on tour to Thailand. Our Bangkok sightseeing tour is crafted specially with you in mind with all the key attractions in Bangkok couched together in a homely manner. We have taken great care to add some fun filled experiences along the way that will create lasting memories you will relish for a long time. A few of the key highlights of your Bangkok tour from Sri Lanka are listed below.



Bangkok city is adorned by mighty golden temples that cover vast areas. You will not want to miss these. These Buddhist temples have a character that is very different and unique. The most notable temple complexes you will visit are the Wat Pho, Wat Arun and Wat Traimit the temple of the Golden Buddha. These temples give a glimpse of how Buddhism and Thai culture blends to create a beautiful effect.



When you end your Bangkok Thailand tour, you will be taking some unforgettable memories back to Sri Lanka. But we are sure that you will also be taking with you many an amazing souvenir back to Sri Lanka as well. Bangkok is famous for her exhilarating shopping experiences. It is definitely a must if you are ever at Bangkok. Don’t forget to visit the night markets and weekend marts which are great places to enjoy Thai street food. Authentic souvenirs, handicrafts and jewellery at bargain prices are a highlight of these places.



Lumpini park is a must visit place in your Bangkok tour itinerary. Don’t worry because it’s spelled correctly because that’s how Thai people pronounce Lumbini.  Lumpini Park is in the middle of all the chaos Bangkok has to offer. So it is a place to blow off some steam. Some quiet time with nature after a thrilling sightseeing tour is always good for the nerves, because Bangkok is as exotic as it gets. Ahh sweet Lumpini!


Best Bangkok Travel Deals from Overa Tours

If we have convinced you on traveling Thailand as a Sri Lankan, we at Overa Tours eagerly await to serve you. All you have to do is to get in touch with us so that we can help make your Thailand travel aspirations a well-organized Thailand tour from Sri Lanka. We have been maintaining essential contacts and relationships with Thailand travel service providers such as airlines, insurance companies, and ground services. Our Bangkok travel deals from Sri Lanka are the most competitive in the Sri Lankan outbound travel industry. Feel free to contact us online by filling the form to get the best Thailand tour packages from Sri Lanka. Your travel dreams are only a touch away with Overa Tours (pvt) ltd.