Trekking and camping in Meemure
Trekking and Camping Tour in Meemure Sri Lanka
Meemure Trekking
Trekking and Camping in Meemure
Camping and trekking in Meeure Sri Lanka
Camping and Trekking in Meeure Sri Lanka

Glorified Meemure Trekking – Book Now

Meemure is one of the isolated and serene villages in Sri Lanka. The entire region is a collection of mountains, paddy fields, the village, waterfalls, and forestry treks. It is safe to say that this beautiful village is the number one all-in-one trekking destination in Sri Lanka. We have chosen this gorgeous village for trekking and hiking experiences in Sri Lanka as we know how brilliant it is for adventure trekking.


Meemure Trekking In Sri Lanka

One of the most beautiful villages on the island is also a perfect destination for adventure trekking. Meemure has a glorified history, too. The mountain called Lakegala is in this village, and history says that the Great King Ravana lifted the Dandu Monara here. Walking along the trails in this exceptional village is a fabulous experience for travelers who love trekking, but are physically not fit enough to climb mountains. Experienced hikers and brave travelers have many options to consider here; our trekking in Meemure options are for all travel groups, including honeymoon couples. 


The Best Time For Meemure Trekking Sri Lanka

Adventure activities can happen throughout the year here. We advise that you avoid climbing waterfalls and mountains when it is raining. Don’t worry! We choose the best time of the year for this soul-satisfying activity. We even know the best times of the day for trekking on each trail in Meemure. Contact us today; let’s enjoy this remarkable activity in perfect style. We arrange everything for you from our side.