minneriya national park

Minneriya National Park Safari is second-to-none when considering the number of elephants living in the region. The park is famous as the place where the largest herd of Asian elephants gather in one place on the entire planet. Minneriya is the top choice for all elephant lovers in the world. The wildlife elephant is an icon of the animal kingdom, and this national park has it in abundance. Minneriya Safari is one tour that all animal lovers should experience at least once in a lifetime. We do this safari according to international safari standards. 

Elephants in Minneriya National Park

The elephant herd living in is a real treasure to the park. Minneriya is a year-round park for elephant safaris, you can witness at least 20-30 elephants at one go any time of the year. The nature reserve is about 182 kilometers from Colombo, and the famous Polonnaruwa is near the Minneriya Park region. Minneriya national park safari tours take you to a world-famous elephant corridor that joins two other national parks in Sri Lanka (Wasgamuwa and Kaudulla.) Minneriya Park is one part of this corridor. An elephant herd that contains a large number of individual elephants wanders along this corridor throughout the year. Witnessing elephants in this region is a guarantee.

We should mention Kaudulla and Hurulu Eco Park, as well here as these three national parks have a notable connection with each other.

Minneriya National Park Safari 

Three famous national parks clustered within a confined region is a real bonus for any wildlife lover. We can take you to all these parks upon your in-advance request. The elephant herd living in Minneriya migrates to Kaudulla from October to November. Kaudualla is the region where water resources are available from October to November every year. The elephant herd then moves to the Hurulu Eco Park from December to January. A safari at Minneriya national park requires expert, local tour planners, and this is where we come in handy for you.

Facts About Minneriya National Park

The park’s vegetation comprises wetlands, abandoned chena lands, tropical dry evergreen forests, and grasslands. Open areas make Minneriya safaris more practical and convenient. The park is also notable for its variety of endemic plant species.

Minneriya national park safari tours take you closer to an array of mammals, amphibians, birds, and reptile species. 25 reptiles, 24 mammals, and over 170 bird species live in Minneriya in healthy settings. The number of fish species living in the region is also a staggering figure.

Wild buffalos, elephants, leopards, purple-faced leaf monkeys, and wild boars live in high numbers in Minneriya. It is safe to say that you will come across all these attractive animal species when you safari at the Minneriya national park. The elephant number living in the region makes safaris even exciting. It’s a guarantee that you see at least 20-30 elephants during the tour, and we know the places where fascinating animals gather in large numbers. Our expert safari drivers take you to such places and give you a memorable wildlife experience.

The Best Time For Minneriya National Park

April-October is the dry season, and natural water sources in the region dry out. Animals in large numbers gather around the remaining water sources during this time of the year. Up to 200 individual elephants live in Minneriya, which is a surprising number. Birds feed on the fishes as water sources dry out, making it the perfect time of the year for bird watching as well at Minneriya. Sightings of an elephant herd that contains up to 100 elephants are common in this region. What else do you want to understand that Minneriya national park is perhaps the best option for elephant watching?

Safari Information for Minneriya National Park

  • Minneriya National Park Opening and Closing Times – 6.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m
  • Minneriya Safari Duration – 3 to 4 Hours

Major ecosystems inside Minneriya National Park

  • Tropical Dry Mixed Evergreen Forest
  • Wetlands, Grasslands
  • Abandoned chena cultivation
  • lake beds

Area in Minneriya National Park

  • Minneriya National Park Total Area – 30,821 hectares


Useful Tips for Minneriya National Park Safari Drive

  • It is best to start early or late into the afternoon when the animals come out of the shade.
  • It will be a bumpy ride.
  • Minneriya can get busy sometimes. You can ask your jeep to avoid the crowds if necessary.
  • Take enough bottled water. Don’t forget to stay hydrated.
  • Take care of yourself and others. Never get out of your safari jeep unless permitted by your tractor. Do not feed the animals inside the park. There are records of wild elephant attacks when safari jeeps got too close. Always remember that you are in the wild.

Visiting Minneriya National Park With Us

We are a Sri Lanka travel agency that gives the best for nature lovers. We have a broad range of Minneriya Safari tours; you can choose one from the list. Or, we can offer you a tailor-made safari package according to your requirements. We can arrange visitings to Hurulu Eco Park and the Kaudualla park with the Minneriya safari.