eco tourism in sri lanka

Tourism and its Role in Environmental Conservation

Ecotourism is a type of tourism that promotes the protection of biodiversity, socio-cultural growth, and economic development of a nation. It has had positive effects on environmental, economic, and social dimensions. In the background of Sri Lanka, ecotourism has helped the survival of flora and fauna, the livelihoods of local citizens, and the growth of culture and community.

At Overa Tours, we make sure that you are going to get the best possible holiday enjoyment in all the parts of the country. At the same time, we give top priority to our country’s environment’s sustainability by planning tours and activities in such as way that no harm is caused to any of the environment’s elements. 

How do We see It?

In several parts of the country, the introduction of ecotourism projects greatly expanded floral and fauna diversity. Dependent citizens on natural capital, recipients of parks, and conservation parks are immediately complemented by earnings from ecotourism operations. 

In certain situations, it has contributed to the loss of respect, culture, and rituals, although in other cases it has often facilitated the display of their garments, music, dances, and other social features. 

When it comes to preserving the environment and offering excellent facilities to visitors, we need to focus on many considerations. Although it’s not easy, as a responsible travel agency, we’re putting our top priority on it. How we see this is as follows: 

Ecotourism ventures use green energies from solar, wind, water, and biomass. Ecotourism income encourages them to utilize these services which, in exchange, helps to draw more visitors and raise the source of revenue. The hospitality sector in ecotourism projects has also developed valuable guidelines for the sustainable management of their projects, the improvement of their climate of goodwill, and the increase of the excellence and reputation of their tourism industry. 

Hydroelectricity is used for illumination, water heating, cooking, cooling, preserving food products, room heating, water circulating at home, and other electrical appliances. 

Electricity is often useful for washing laundry and pans, utilizing dryers and air filters, cooking toasts and food products, viewing televisions, and using cell phones and televisions. The use of these electrical items helps to conserve electricity and to protect the environment.

How Do We Implement Our Vision on This Aspect?

From the explanation given above, it’s understandable that we have to choose the best service providers in the tourism industry to make this happen. For example, we choose the best hotels, resorts, and other holiday activity service providers in the country for you, as we know that they also give their top priority to the protection of the precious environment. 

It is much healthier to extend the principle of sustained growth to the use of the environment and society. If an ecotourism venture is to be implemented in rural areas, it should not affect the environment, community, and civilization of the region, rather it should give priority to improving the quality of life and improving the local economy. 

A modern kind of ecotourism (rural or village tourism) allows tourists to profit from the scenic beauty, history, customs, and rituals of Sri Lanka. 

These agricultural communities and areas have the most spectacular and fragile landscapes, which means there is a lot to discover, but we should all appreciate a holiday whilst preserving the ‘rural or unharmed’ features and elements.

Join hands with us

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and you have endless things to explore over here. At Overa Tours, we want to change the traditional tourism industry and make it a better sector for all travelers and also for the priceless environment. 

We have set up tour packages that incorporate this vision, through which you can contribute to the protection of the environment while enjoying the best ever tropical holiday.