Ella is a small yet beautiful town in the district of Badulla in the province of Uva, Sri Lanka, which is administered by the Urban Council. Ella is roughly 200 kilometers (120 mi) east of Colombo and is at an elevation of 1,041 meters (3,415 ft) above sea level. 

The region is abundant in biodiversity, filled with many varieties of flora and fauna. Ella is framed by hills dotted by cloud forest and tea plantations. Due to its height, the region has a colder atmosphere than the nearby lowlands. The Ella Gap provides views through the southern plains of Sri Lanka.

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Ella Travel Guide

The Best Time to Visit Ella

Ella is a well-loved hill-country town where you may take it easy for a few days while staying in some of the country’s finest inns.

Climate-wise, Ella in Sri Lanka has a wonderful mix of scorching days and chilly evenings. It’s impossible to have such luxuriant vegetation without rain. From January through May, you’ll have the best chance to witness Ella.