Trincomalee is a nice little beach town on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. Trincomalee provides stunning white sand, which is one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka. The east coast is arriving and is even cooler than the south, which is a great excuse to schedule a holiday. Trincomalee is surrounded by nature, hills, and rock formations. Take around 2 or 3 full days in this region, because there are some fantastic things to do in Trincomalee. 

The Trinco City Tour visits the ancient harbour town of Koneswaram Temple, Lover’s Leap, the War Cemetery, Fort Frederick, and the hot spring wells of Kanniya. Thrilling dolphin and whale viewing trips off the coast of Trincomalee are also accessible with scuba diving and snorkeling throughout the day on Pigeon Island.

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Below is a quick list of the BEST things to do in Trincomalee: 

  • Go Snorkelling At Pigeon Island
  • Visit the magical Nilaveli and Uppuveli beaches
  • Whale & Dolphin Watching
  • Go beach hopping
  • Try exciting water sports
  • Kanniya hot water spring bath

Alright, here the top tourist attractions in Trincomalee: 

  • Pigeon Island National Park
  • Fort Frederick
  • Trincomalee War Cemetery
  • St Mary’s Cathedral
  • Maritime and Naval History Museum
  • Koneswaram Temple
  • Seruwila Mangala Raja Maha Vihara
  • Pathirakali Amman Temple
  • Velgam Vehera

Getting into everything in more detail now! 

Why visit fascinating Trincomalee?

Trincomalee (Trinco) is situated in one of the finest natural harbors in the country. This ancient town is almost unnoticed: it is probably the location of ancient Gokana in the Mahavamsa (Great Chronicle) and its Shiva Temple, the location of Trikuta Hill in the Hindu text of Vayu Purana. Most tourists are only going through the city on their way to the shorelines of Uppuveli and Nilaveli, but the area has a lot of beauty, a lot of tradition, and an eclectic mix of people. 

The majestic deep-water port of Trincomalee has rendered it the object of all sorts of attacks over the centuries: by the British conquest in 1795, the region had changed its colonial hands seven times. It’s pleasant to spend a day or more learning the ins and outs of a multitude of coastlines and the fort and its prominent temple. All in all, Trincomalee in Sri Lanka has all the necessary elements for a great holiday with your loved ones. And that’s why you’ve got to visit it!

Enthralling activities and things to do in Trincomalee

Go Snorkelling At Pigeon Island: Pigeon Island is one of those top-notch locations that everybody is dreaming about. As soon as you get to Trincomalee, people would wonder whether you’re heading to Pigeon Island. It’s essentially a popular snorkel place on the East Coast. 

You’ve got to find a boat to the mainland, which is about 20 minutes offshore, then you’ve got to pay the admission to the Pigeon Mainland National Park. All the beaches plan day trips to Pigeon Island, so if you’d like to go on an arranged walk, just choose one. They’re all priced reasonably, and they’ve arranged your travel and all for you that keeps away the chaos. 

You’re going to witness the presence of the sea that inhabits deeper waters just off Nilavéli. Embrace your eyes with bright corals and sparkling rays. Whether you’ve never snorkeled before, or you really enjoy snorkeling, this is one of the best things to do and explore in Trincomalee.

Visit the magical Nilaveli and Uppuveli beaches: Nilavéli Beach is also known to be one of the most gorgeous beaches in Sri Lanka. This is a strip of beach located roughly 16 kilometers north of Trincomalee. It’s the starting point for Pigeon Island, but it’s also the ideal place for water activities, relaxation, and soaking up the sun. There are a number of major hotel resorts in this town, so it’s a perfect place to be if you’re relaxing on vacation. You can get here through a moped that’s rented cheap all over Trincomalee, or if you’ve got your own tuk-tuk just drive there! 

As tourists talk about Trincomalee, they also talk about Uppuveli Beach. It’s the most famous destination of the two, offering a better mood and a more carnival atmosphere relative to the comfortable feel of Nilaveli. The casual environment, combined with great melodies, makes it the best spot to have brunch, sundown, or just a good old gathering. It’s the only vibey place in Uppuveli, so prepare your towel, sunscreen, grab your wallet, and head to these beaches. It’s one of the must-do things when you’re organizing a Trincomalee trip.

Whale & Dolphin Watching: Trincomalee is renowned for whale and dolphin watching and has the opposite season for watching the whale on the south coast of Mirissa, which ensures that if you have missed it, you will find it here. Again, whale watching trips are promoted all over the beaches and at differing costs. During the months from July to September, clear seas offer the perfect chance to explore the deep waters of these aquatic giants, the Blue Whales of the Indian Ocean. Get on board and see the Blue Whales on the east coast of Sri Lanka by cruising to their native settlements. 

Dolphins, the main character of the Spinner dolphins, are also shown performing, moving, and displaying off their acrobatic abilities. Some dolphins that can be seen include the Bottlenose Dolphins and the Fraser Dolphins. Most dolphin observations occur between March/April and August/September. Witnessing majestic whales and cute dolphins is one of the absolute best things to do in heavenly Trincomalee.

Go beach hopping: There are several wonderful beaches in Trincomalee that offer the potential for tanning and relaxation. Marble Beach is a famous beach that often shows up in search engines. It’s known to be among the most gorgeous beaches in Sri Lanka, so it’s certainly one of the best places to visit in Trincomalee. 

You will get there by motorbike or tuk-tuk. A couple of these locations can offer water activities, such as parasailing, or kayaking, perhaps even bodyboarding. They also have beach wooden huts and food outlets nearby, ensuring there are tons of options for pure relaxing. You can also see some kittens and pets on the beach so you can give them dog food/puppy food from the supermarkets. For everyone who wants to relax during the Trinco holiday, this is a treasure. 

Try exciting water sports: Sri Lanka is a beautiful island with a coastline with amazing beaches and sea life. The port town of Trincomalee embodies this, so if you’re anyone who enjoys nothing more than a beach holiday, you’ve come to the right spot. The Indian Ocean is opening the way for a lot of exciting water activities in Trincomalee to get your heart going. 

Trincomalee in Sri Lanka has the finest to offer you when it comes to thrilling water sports. For all those who enjoy the thrill of water activities, the following choices need to be considered: 

  • Deep-sea fishing 
  • Thrilling Water Rides In Isha Water Park 
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling and Swimming 

For snorkeling, the Pigeon Island park is the best spot in Trincomalee. Many licensed service providers offer water sports packages for locals and tourists. We can arrange those all for you for a memorable holiday in Trincomalee.

Kanniya hot water spring bath: Kanniya Hot Springs is a hot water well site situated in the Eastern Province of the Trincomalee District of Sri Lanka. The overall temperature of these wells is 42 Celsius and the composition is somewhat variable. Kanniya Hot Spring is a popular tourist attraction in Trincomalee for both local and international travelers. 

Inscriptions show that the natural springs were designated for Buddhist monks who lived in the region during the Anuradhapura era. Kanniya Hot Spring Site is covered by the Archeological Department of Sri Lanka. Also today, ancient monuments are evident, but most of them were demolished mostly during the Sri Lankan conflict that ended in 2009. 

According to King Ravana age, It states that King Ravana pinned the earth with his blade in a few places and a few fountains shot out of those places. The water was hot, and this was the origin of the hot springs. This is also one of the locations linked to Ramayana tours in Sri Lanka as well.

The top tourist attractions and best places to see in Trincomalee 

Pigeon Island National Park: Unquestionably, one of the best places to visit in Trincomalee, the scenic and breathtaking Pigeon Island National Park off the coast of Nilaveli is a perfect getaway from town. Comprising two tiny islands, the National Park is host to threatened rock pigeons, colorful aquatic species, and spectacular geological formations. The powdery white sands, the sparkling rock pools, and the warm turquoise waters render this an unforgettable outing, complete with plentiful snorkeling opportunities right off the shore.

Trincomalee War Cemetery: This final destination of the British and local soldiers who lay down their lives during the Second World War is a peaceful, ceremonial location. Built in a well-maintained area, this is one of the six cemeteries of the Commonwealth War in Sri Lanka. When you pay respects to the lost soldiers and sailors and move through a symbolic spot, you gain some insight into the price we pay for fighting. One of the most unique places to visit in Trincomalee, the War Cemetery is also a spot for peaceful reflection.

St Mary’s Cathedral: Hidden away in a peaceful section of the area, this lovely little Catholic Cathedral is only a short stroll from the shore. The elegant blue and white exterior of the cathedral, built in 1852, exudes warmth and tranquility. The well-maintained location is now hosting a local school of young children who can connect with tourists. Many locals and tourists consider this a top tourist attraction in Trincomalee. 

Maritime and Naval History Museum: Located in a wonderfully renovated Dutch mansion in the 17th century, this museum provides valuable insights into Sri Lanka’s maritime past. Among the most fascinating places to visit in Trincomalee, the ground floor brings you through the naval past of the region, dating back to Marco Polo’s period, with models portraying naval scenarios and some instructional videos. 

The displays on the first floor shed light on the aquatic environment, with a particular focus on the flora and fauna of the East Coast. With free admission and professional guides, this beautiful museum also provides splendid views of the bay.

Koneswaram Temple: Certainly, one of the first places to be ticked off the tourist map of Trincomalee is this respected temple situated at the top of a cliff within Fort Frederick. This major Hindu shrine site exhibiting Dravidian architecture design is believed to be among the Panch Ishwarams (five Shiva abodes) with a swayambhu lingam. 

The sanctuary exudes spiritual vibes and is a beautiful location to pursue peace in the sight of Heaven. Surrounded by breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, this beautiful temple tops our list of places to visit in Trincomalee.

Seruwila Mangala Raja Maha Vihara: Classified among the greatest Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka, this temple is one of the most popular locations to visit for religiously minded travelers in Trincomalee. The stupa of the 2nd century was initially founded by King Kavantissa and houses the sacred front bone of Lord Buddha. 

Thousands of pilgrims visit this sacred Buddhist Vihara every year to pay respect and seek the blessings of the enlightened. Do visit the new building with a massive Buddha statue; note to dress modestly and take off your shoes. 

Pathirakali Amman Temple: The stunning gopuram of this Kali temple, with its vivid colors and multitude of sculptures, captures your attention from a distance, while the special interior spaces leave you speechless. Also known as Kali Kovil, you can feel the strong and peaceful presence of the goddess in this famous Durga temple in the heart of the region. 

Of all the Trincomalee temples, this one is sure to leave you shocked by its colorfully painted walls and spiritual vibrations. Without a doubt, this is one of the prime places to visit during your Trinco holiday. 

Velgam Vehera: One of the top tourist attractions around Trincomalee, this ancient Buddhist site with a new monastery is just ideal for a few quiet hours. With a lovely environment in the center of tall trees and lawns, taking a stroll through the ruins of this ancient Buddhist temple founded by King Devanamiyatissa is a relaxing experience. 

The initial crystalline Buddha statue still stands high and is a sight to behold whilst the current monastery provides a chance to meditate in this blissful location. The ruins with fascinating inscriptions and the beautiful forest that surrounds it render this place worth a return.

How to get from the airport to Trincomalee and vice versa

Most of the tourists start their Sri Lankan adventure in Colombo, host to the international airport. 

There are a number of ways to get to Trincomalee from that now: 

Bus: You will get bus number 49, which would be a tourist-style bus providing air conditioning, easy seats, and treats. It’s a night bus that starts at 11 p.m. which takes around 6 hours. 

Train: As per Sri Lankan railroads, an overnight train operates from Colombo Fort to Trincomalee, which takes about 15 hours and costs about 200 Sri Lankan rupees, but this is incredibly long. Nevertheless, there are also semi-express overnight trains. 

Private car rental or Tuk-Tuk: this is the safest choice when you have to drive with your family or better half. Though tuk-tuk is a convenient mode of transport, there are countless advantages of hiring a private car with a driver. We will arrange this for you. 

The best holiday resorts and hotels in Trincomalee

Making Trincomalee a world-famous tourist town, a list of remarkable hotels and resorts are in place for all. No matter the size of your budget, you can find a hotel or resort that can make your Trinco holiday a memorable escape.

Below is a list of top hotels and resorts in Trincomalee in Sri Lanka:

  • Liyonnaa Beach Hotel
  • WoodyCrest
  • Sai Seashell Rest Inn Nilaveli
  • Regina Beach Bungalow
  • Amaranthe Bay Resort
  • Trinco Blu By Cinnamon
  • Dyke Rest
  • Pearl Oceanic Resort
  • Hotel Tobiko
  • Elegant Green Beach Hotel 

The nightlife in Trincomalee for night lovers 

There are a variety of locations where you can party to appreciate the nightlife in Trincomalee. While there are no night clubs next to Trincomalee, there are a variety of bars and lounges that are great for a night out. 

If you’ve always contemplated what to do in Sri Lanka at night, you’d be happy to know that Trincomalee has all kinds of stuff for you. Take a peek at the best restaurants and bars where you can relax for as long as dusk.

  • The Silver Beach Hotel
  • French Garden Beach Hotel
  • Jkab Park Hotel
  • Anantamaa Trincomalee
  • Nilaveli Beach Bar and Restaurant
  • Fernando’s Beach Bar
  • That’s Why Cafe & Beach Bar

Taking a stroll on the magical beaches at night is also one of the most romantic experiences for honeymoon couples. The beaches are perfect under the night sky full of shining stars. 

How many days to spend in Trincomalee in Sri Lanka 

Well, Trincomalee is a kind of vacation spot where you could enjoy a week or more. It depends on what you intend to do. 

While you’re on a vacation, we suggest a minimum 3-4-day Trinco trip. But if you see Trincomalee as part of a complete island tour of Sri Lanka, then you can remain for 1-2 nights.

The weather and the BEST time to visit Trincomalee

The best season to visit Trincomalee is between January through September and December, when the climate is mild and dry, with an average high temperature of 36 ° C and a minimum temperature of 31 ° C in March and January, respectively. 

The mean temperature in Trincomalee scarcely changes, with temperatures remaining hot most of the year with a small probability of rainfall. From the tourism point of view, the peak months are July, followed by August, and then January, when travel is expected to be costly unless scheduled well in advance. March’s sort of boring.


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