Trekking and Camping Tour in Riverston
Trekking and Camping in Riverston
Camping and Trekking in Riverston Sri Lanka
Camping and Trekking in Riverston Sri Lanka
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Riverston Gap Sri Lanka

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Riverston Trekking is one of the most well-known adventure activities to try in Sri Lanka. The long trek along the hill won’t make you tired because of the ever-blowing wind that refreshes you from the beginning to the end. The entire region is a miracle of mother nature. The misty mountain top is the place where a giant telecommunication tower stands. We highly recommend this trek for all travelers who love adventure and enjoy nature’s beauty at the same time.

Riverston trekking in Sri Lanka

You don’t require any hiking gear as the trail is a developed road to the mountain top. However, that doesn’t make it a general trek. Battling with the wind and feeling the magic of nature and reaching the mountain top with every step you take is a fascinating experience. Trekking in Riverton is famous for its jaw-dropping sunrise in the morning. The car park at the bottom makes things easier when reaching the trekking point with your family.

Every single creature found here is different; the nourishing conditions of the mountain region have fed them with nature’s magic. Riverston trekking is an adventurous activity for the whole family, but make sure you hold your kids all the time; the gust winds at the top are too strong.

Trekking and Camping in Riverston With Us

We proudly suggest this trekking destination for all travelers who love to enjoy nature’s beauty and perform adventurous activities. Risverston trekking is undoubtedly an experience that ends with lifetime memories, and we guarantee it.