Hanthana mountain sri lanka

Hanthana Mountain Sri Lanka lies southwest of Kandy, near the University of Peradeniya. It has seven peaks, the tallest of which is “Ura Kanda.” It’s a great spot for hiking, birdwatching, and camping. The mountains have been used as a backdrop for films and music videos.

The mountain summits provide breathtaking views of the Dolosbage range of Aranayake, Kandy, the Knuckles mountain range, and the Sabaragamuwa highlands.

Why Visit Hanthana Mountain Sri Lanka?

The Hanthana mountain in Sri Lanka contains seven summits. The Ura Kanda, at 3800 feet, is the highest point. There are many scenic and panoramic views of the surrounding forests and towns from the trails.

The Hanthana hiking trails are known for being one of the most popular hiking trails in the country, especially among the younger generation. And the trails are used by the country’s leading government universities for their annual hiking expeditions. They are sure to be on any hiking enthusiast’s “must do” list!

Trekking and Hiking in Sri Lanka’s Hanthana Mountain

Enjoy a half-day hiking adventure through the Hanthana highlands in Sri Lanka’s central portion. You will enjoy a 1.9-mile beginning walk with a 45° moderate slope in the final 150 meters of the trip. Since it was designated a protected nature reserve in February 2010, it has become a popular destination for mountain hikers. 

Because of the 120 different kinds of birds in this region, it is also regarded as an excellent location for bird watching, with a maximum elevation of 3800 feet. During the trek, you will follow the Sherwood forest trek, which offers splendid side views of two of the tallest peaks in the Hanthana range, as well as a distant view of “Ura Ketu Gala.” Did you know that it was the setting for Steven Spielberg’s classic blockbuster “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” from 1984?

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Hanthana Mountain Sri Lanka Wildlife

The Hanthana Mountains in Sri Lanka are home to a diverse range of indigenous species in terms of biodiversity. The Sri Lankan government has designated the region as a protected wildlife reserve. Hanthana’s monkeys, leopards, foxes, hedgehogs, fishing cats, civets, wild boars, and even raptors are among the species that have made Hanthana their home.

The Mountain Range is excellent for birdwatching lovers since it is home to over 120 different birds, some indigenous to the territory. 

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Hanthana Mountain Sri Lanka Hiking & Trekking Tips

Hikers should keep in mind that treks begin at least 900AM and end around 3:00PM. This is because night tends to fall fast and unexpectedly, making the region difficult to navigate in the late afternoon. Contact Us and book your trekking tour. Our local guides can help you plan a safe, thrilling hiking tour.

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