Raising Cultural and Environmental Awareness and Respect in Tourism

Tourism linked to both ecological and cultural assets is becoming increasingly widespread across the country, even though travel to tourist sites of environmental and historical importance has existed for centuries. 

One of the first concepts of ecotourism is that it is environmentally friendly travel to comparatively undisturbed natural environments to admire and experience nature that encourages protection, which has a low negative effect on tourists and has allowed for the beneficially productive socio-economic participation of local people. 

The ability to spend leisure time in ‘normal’ settings is the main driver behind the recent and fast development in eco-tourism. Ecotourism is a type of tourism that is mainly influenced by the natural history of the region, including its native populations, and where the popular theme in most conceptions of ecotourism is accountable for tourism in natural environments that can encourage conservation goals and promote environmentally sustainable growth and preservation.

So, building cultural and environmental awareness and respect is of the utmost importance when providing tourism services. At Overa Tours, give top priority to environmental and cultural awareness, and establish respect between tourists and locals. This makes sure that you enjoy your holiday better while protecting the

Cultural Awareness in Tourism

While describing cultural awareness, we need to consider what cultural diversity is all about. There is no widely accepted definition given for diversity. But we may describe it as assessing discrepancies between individuals and how these differences can lead to a richer, more innovative, and more efficient climate. 

Cultural awareness is the cornerstone of conversation which requires the opportunity to step back from oneself and to become conscious of our cultural principles, opinions, and expectations. Why are we doing something like that? How are we going to explore Sri Lanka? Why are we reacting in this specific way? Cultural awareness that we need to communicate with people from other countries. People see, perceive, and analyze situations in a particular manner.

These are important factors for the sustainability of the tourism industry, and at Overa Tours, we know it all. And we do the following from our side:

  • Fill out the culture gap with effective communication skills
  • Help you celebrate traditional holidays, festivals, and food
  • Heritage tour guide
  • Observe and listen to foreign colleagues and customers
  • Help you understand and practice good local manners 

Environmental Awareness in Tourism

The nature of the environment, both natural and man-made, is important for tourism. Nevertheless, the relationship between tourism and the environment is dynamic.  It may include a variety of practices that can have detrimental environmental consequences.

We always believe that tourism can have positive impacts on the environment by leading to the preservation and restoration of the environment. It is a way of raising the consciousness of environmental principles which will act as a method of funding the conservation of natural areas and growing their economic significance. 

Sound environmental management of tourism facilities and, in particular, hotels will enhance the benefits of natural areas. However, this includes proper preparation for managed growth, focused on an overview of the area’s natural capital. Planning helps decisions between competing uses or to find ways of keeping them compatible. Harmful and costly errors may be avoided by early preparation for tourism growth, preventing the slow loss of environmental assets that are significant to tourism.

Raising Respect Among Tourists and Locals

We encourage travelers to be responsible, as sustainable travel and enjoying a holiday must commit to respecting local cultures in ways both large and small. Respect should be the guiding norm behind all of your holiday actions. Even if you don’t agree with a custom or a request, honor your role as a visitor in someone else’s home and follow their lead, allowing local actions to guide all of your behaviors. 

The role that these locations play in locals’ lives may be significant as well as you fleeting satisfaction from engaging with a place outside of the context locals desire. 

We encourage travelers to be conscientious, as sustainable travel must be dedicated to preserving local communities in both large and small ways. Respect can be the driving philosophy behind all acts. Even if you do never agree with a tradition or request, honor your role as a guest to someone else’s home and obey their lead, enabling local acts to direct all of your behavior. 

The role that these destinations perform in the lives of residents is much more important than the transient pleasure that the visitor derives from interacting with a destination beyond the local background.

For example, Respect local people, particularly children, while taking their photographs. Generally speaking, locals are happy to be in your photographs if you value their space. Ask for approval first, if necessary. Don’t chase people around and strive to stop taking pictures of people performing personal activities like bathing. Display them the shot after you took it.

It’s the responsibility of the local travel agency to let you know of all these factors when booking the tour. As a tourist, you may not have a vast knowledge of what’s not acceptable in Sri Lanka, especially in historical and religious places. At Overa Tours, we educate on such elements so that nobody, including you and the locals, would feel disrespected. 

We also invite you to follow up with our ecotourism mainpage for more information on our robust vision and mission on this aspect.