Exclusive Adventure Hiking & Trekking Holidays In Sri Lanka 

For all courageous travelers who love testing limits and exploring enigmas in between the misty mountains, enchanting waterfalls, dark rainforests, and challenging hills, well, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination. From relaxing cultural nature trekking walks to real hiking challenges such as mounting Adam’s Peak, all exclusively await here. In the meantime, the second-to-none nature filled with astonishing wildlife and breathtaking landscapes heals your mind and soul, giving you the precious feeling, “this expedition worth all the sweat.”

Today, we summarize the best hiking and trekking trails in Sri Lanka for your 2020 adventurous tours on this pleasing island, the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

1) Trekking Expedition – Sinharaja Forest Reserve:

A world heritage site and the most prestigious rainforest in Sri Lanka. Singaraja is a satisfying experience for travelers who love tropical settings and endemic animals and trees. You will come across enormous trees to tiny mushrooms along the dedicated trails for travelers.

An all-in-one paradise for birds and butterfly fans, and a diversity of mammals, including monkeys, live in perfect harmony here. Trekking in Sinharaja is a complete experience filled with adventure, nature, wildlife, and the feeling of a real rainforest.

December to April and August to September are the best times for this adventure tour in Sri Lanka.

2) Adventure Trekking/Hiking – Knuckles Range:

The misty mountains of Dumbara are a full package for all classes of hikers. While the pleasant climate of Kandy soothes you, the natural landscape consisting of 57 summits of different heights answers your hiking and trekking longings. Knuckles Range is a world-class destination for trekkers, hikers, and mountain biking lovers.

For wildlife lovers, over 120 bird species, elephants, leopards, deer, bores, buffalos, and hundreds of small creatures/reptiles found in knuckles. Along the dedicated trails, you will come across, spectacular waterfalls, tea plantations, scenic views of the valley, crystal clear rivers, dense forest, and green rice fields.

December to February is the best time for this adventure trek in Sri Lanka.

3) Scenic Trekking – Horton Plains National Park:

A highland that is about 2000 meters from the sea level, and a heaven full of exclusive and vast flora and fauna. A leisure/moderate trekking experience that is best when explored on foot, even though a jeep ride service available. The stunning landscape full of greenery will undoubtedly get right into your heart.

The pinnacle of the journey is the world-famous “World’s End,” a point where you can overlook the countryside for an extraordinary and jaw-dropping panorama. Beautiful sunrise, charming waterfalls, about 52 bird species, over 750 plant species, Sri Lankan Sambar Deer, wild boars, bears, leopards, and monkeys are the real bonuses.

November to March is the best time for this memorable hiking and trekking tour in Sri Lanka.


4) Real Hiking – Adam’s Peak:

How about summiting the 4th highest peak on the island after battling with about 5200 crumbling steps and inclined trekking? Climbing Adam’s Peak is a pilgrimage as well as a real hiking experience. Located in a Peak Wilderness Protected Area, the surrounding region is a spectacular collection of greenery, landscapes, rivers, misty mountains, and thick forests.

December to May is the pilgrim season, when Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and Christians climb up to the zenith for worshiping the Sacred Footprint, which also gives the mountain the name, “Sri Pada” in Sinhalese. Adam’s Peak hiking is unique as it is more of a spiritual experience when compared to other hiking/trekking locations in Sri Lanka.

Best Tips For Sri Pada Climbing:

* Make sure you wear warm clothes; it is pretty cold out there at the top.

* The night is the best time to start the climb to avoid heat. However, witnessing the jaw-dropping and heavily sunrise is the main reason for recommending the night time as the ideal time to initiate mounting.

* December to May is the allowed season for locals and tourists to reach the mountaintop.

* Avoiding Poya Days is advisable to enjoy a peaceful and less crowded hiking experience.

5) Mesmerizing Trekking – Ella & Ella Rock:

Trekking along trails fallen on mountains covered with tea plantation is truly a magical experience. Cooling climate, rich fauna/flora, unique atmosphere, and famous climbs, such as the Ella Rock, Lipton’s Seat, and Little Adam’s Peak await for your arrival. Even though not so challenging when compared to Adam’s Peak, but many hikes and treks along refreshing tea plantations won’t disappoint you.

The dominating peak of Little Adam’s Peak is about 1140 above the sea level, and the hike takes about an hour to complete, and all these walks take place in between vibrant and healthy tea plantations. At the top, you can capture and explore the enchanting surrounding plains through a 360-degree view.

Dominating the region, the Ella Rock is another excursion for hiking fanatics. The early morning is the best time for Ella Rock climbing, as the rising sun cutting the regional mountains is absolutely a striking sight. Lipton Seat is a point that gives you a 360-degree view of surrounding tea plantations. December to April is the perfect time for these cherishable hiking and trekking times in Sri Lanka.

6) Meemure For Courageous Hikers:

An extended hiking tour in the most remote village in Sri Lanka is exclusively for experienced and dynamic travelers. The eye-soothing nature, friendly villagers, lush green backdrops, and beautiful mountain views give you heavenly and pleasing emotions as you accomplished the challenging hike along trails fallen through one of Sri Lanka’s most scenic destinations.

Meemure holds the legend of King Ravana taking off his ancient aircraft, the Dandu Monara (aircraft of Ravana.) For adventure lovers, this is a top-class destination that undoubtedly uplifts their sprit.

The isolated village full of the splendid beauty of nature is between Kandy and Matale districts within the Knuckles Mountain Range. 1-day hikes or 3-day expeditions are the options to consider.

Closing Thoughts:

Adventure hiking and trekking in Sri Lanka in these embellished destinations fulfill all your inner adventurous desires. Your adventure holiday in Sri Lanka is going to be fun and extraordinary; we are here to welcome you!

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