Cycling in Bentota for Countryside Experience & Adventure

Cycling in Bentota is one of the best things to do in Bentota. A cycle tour brings value and thrill than when you’re driving around the town in a car. You will witness the Temple of Katukoliye, the Temple of Mullegoda, the charming buildings, the scenic paddy fields, and the stunning Dedduwa River throughout the cycle tour. You could even do this action even in the night. It’s soothing and thrilling at the same time.  

Cycling in Bentota

Why cycling in Bentota?: Well,  are you interested in getting away from the crowded city and discovering the stunning countryside of Sri Lanka on an adventurous bike tour? In Sri Lanka, traditions, customs, habits, and languages are somewhat distinct from region to region. Bentota is a coastal town on the island, and there’s more to cycling rather than paddling, making it one of the BEST Things to do in Bentota. Imagine that you’re discovering beautiful Bentota by cycling through gorgeous paddy fields, rivers, and other tourist attractions during the trip. The maximum distance to the road will be 30 km and roughly. It’s four to five hours.

Cycling in Bentota Explained: This tour takes place on a bike in the Bentota countryside. Tour the ancient temple of the Buddhists. Bicycle through greenish paddy fields. Get to learn more about the popular alcoholic drink toddy and how it’s made. Visit the cinnamon gardens and the rubber plantation. You also come across a fishing village. All in all, cycling in Bentota in Sri Lanka is an interesting journey of traditional and modern features. 


  • Rubber Plantation and Cinnamon Garden Tour
  • Toddy Tasting
  • Visit to the fishing village
  • Buddhist Temple Visit

What is the best time for cycling in Bentota? Well, Bentota is a year-round travel destination. Therefore, you can try this enthralling cycling tour at any time of the year. It can happen in the morning or evening. The daytime would be a bit of a challenge because of the tropical climate in the region. 

You will see a lot of birds and land monitors on the riverbank while relishing a light freshness with King Coconut. 

A Quick Tip: You can combine a cycling tour with your Bentota Honeymoon. A cycling tour can add adventure to your romantic honeymoon in this paradisiac beach town. 

Is cycling in Bentota suitable for everyone? Absolutely, yes. It’s a perfect activity for families and newlyweds. However, talk to your tour planner if you have kids under five years. Choosing a reliable tour agency is also highly advisable here. They can suggest the best cycling roads to follow for maximum sightseeing. 

Visit Bentota With Overa Tours: A cycling tour can happen as a part of a one-day Bentota tour, and we can arrange it for you. From the beginning to the end of the Bentota tour, we assist you with our expert local team. 

It’s going to be a fabulous holiday experience that has adventure and authentic features. We also help you find roadworthy bicycles for your safety. 

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