Bentota is a paradise resort town located along the Southwest Coast of Sri Lanka. The charm and beauty of the beach and the whole town attracts locals and tourists in large numbers. Things to do in Bentota is a list of exotic activities, such as parasailing, enjoying dolphin dance, snorkeling, and paragliding. It is a perfect destination for adventure lovers and honeymoon couples. Sitting down on the sugar-soft beach and getting greeted by the endless refreshing sea breeze enthralls all your senses. Out of the many things to do in this tourist town, we have picked the best for you today.  

Below is a Quick List before we get into things in detail:

  • Cycling: Travel Through The Impressive Town
  • Brief Garden: For Family & Romantic Times
  • Bentota Beach: For Strolling & Relaxing 
  • Balapitiya: Nature Hike & Boat Safari In Madu River
  • Trekking: For Adventure Trekking
  • Ambalangoda: For Endless Shopping
  • Cinnamon Island: For Adventure Water Sports 
  • Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery: Explore Cute Turtles 
  • Whale Watching Tour: For Encountering The Ocean’s Giants 
  • Kande Vihara: An Ancient Buddhist Temple 
  • Water Activities: For Real Adventure Lovers 
  • Saman Villas: For Therapeutic Healing 
  • Day Tours and Excursions

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  • Cycling: This is one of the best things to do in Bentota. A cycle tour adds more value and adventure than you going around the city in a vehicle. You will come across the Katukoliye Temple, Mullegoda Temple, attractive buildings, panoramic paddy fields, and the gorgeous Dedduwa Lake. You can perform this activity even in the nighttime. It’s relaxing and exciting at the same time. 
  • Brief Garden: How can we not include this enchanting garden on the list of things to do in Bentota? Renowned Sri Lankan artist Bevis Bawa designed this wonderful place, and it is a place for families and lovebirds. Brief Garden is a collection of magnificent imposing structures, tropical trees, sculptures, and an array of flowering plants. The 5-acre greenery is a perfect place to spend time with nature and your family or better half by your side. You can visit the garden from 8 AM to 5 PM daily.
  • Bentota Beach: This is the element that makes Bentota a world-famous tourist attraction. Many best things to do in Bentota originate here. The sugar-soft beach, iconic coconut trees, and picturesque landscapes collectively make you feel like you are in heaven. The beach is a real treasure for nature lovers and energetic travelers and is a prime element of Honeymoon Packages in Sri Lanka. You can try diving, swimming, snorkeling, and strolling over there. After all daytime excitement, you can take a stroll along the crispy beach for the end of the day. 
  • Balapitiya: Visiting Madu River is undoubtedly a must-do thing in Bentota. The Madu River alone is a famous travel attraction in Sri Lanka for boat safaris. The region is one of Sri Lanka’s top mangrove forests, and an array of bird species live there. Cruising along the river makes you come across over a hundred fascinating bird species, making it a top place for enjoying Birds in Sri Lanka. Make sure you have a quality camera to capture every essence of the river. 
  • Trekking: Bentota-Aturuwella areas are spectacular for walking/trekking across enchanting paddy fields. You will come across the 100-year-old Katukohila Temple, Dutch-style residential buildings, and it is a perfect place to enjoy the golden sunset. You will also come across a place where a vast number of migratory birds live in Sri Lanka until winter ends in their countries. If you plan your next holiday to enjoy the best things to do in Bentota, include this, as well. 
  • Ambalangoda: Though Ambangoda is about 34 kilometers away from Bentota, it is a must-visit city after you have tried out other things to do in Bentota. Ambangoda is the most renowned town in Sri Lanka for ancient devil masks and devil dancers. If you are a lover of antique shopping, Ambalangoda is a top choice for you. You can also buy unique jewelry products at low rates here. 
  • Cinnamon Island: This is an all-in-one spot for relaxing and adventure activities, such as scuba diving, surfing, and many more. We highly recommend this place for every young traveler who looks for adventurous things to do in Bentota. The lovely island is a perfect place to explore cinnamon harvesting and producing. Beautiful Sri Lanka is a world-famous cinnamon exporter. 
  • Whale Watching Tour: Witnessing whales is perhaps the most exciting ocean activity. The giants of the ocean are the most fascinating creatures living on the planet. Though Bentota is not the best place for Whale Watching in Sri Lanka, it is a sound choice for the enthralling activity. If you were pondering about what to do in Bentota, here’s a brilliant option for you. 
  • Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery: Visiting the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery is the best option to witness a large number of turtles in Sri Lanka. The officials collect and preserve eggs until hatching, making it a world-famous turtle hatchery center. The turtle is in the endangered animal list, and this center works in the preservation of this valuable creature. Make sure you include this when planning your next holiday in Bentota. 
  • Kande Vihare: Visiting Kande Vihare is another must-do when you are planning your holiday near Bentota. The giant Buddha Statue in the temple premises is an architectural wonder. The old temple is one of the most-visited Buddhist worshipping destinations in Sri Lanka. 
  • Day Tours and Excursions from Bentota: When you’re looking for a tour of the charming city of Bentota, a day-tour is the best match for you. We pick you from your hotels in Bentota and continue your journey with the treasured sights of a small village in the heart of a lush greenery. Enjoy the safari experience of a boat in the Bentota River and explore the thick forest and its greenery.Visit and enjoy the breathtaking elegance of the mangrove lagoons that surround you on your safari, followed by a visit to the turtle hatchery, where you can see the turtle heading to the sea. Moreover, take a stroll to the old coconut factory and admire the scenic beauty of the Bawa Garden and the Herbal Garden. Visit the famed Buddhist temple, put and mesmerize in an exhilarating shopping trip before enthralling in the abundance of water sports available in this small region. Start your ride in the evening by returning to your respective hotels.

Water Activities: Sri Lanka is an island, meaning it is one of the best destinations in the world for Water Sports in Sri Lanka. The Bentota beach is a brilliant choice for various water activities, including surfing, snorkelling, diving, Catamaran Sailing, and many more. There are endless adventurous things to do in Bentota for honeymoon couples and groups.