Essential Things to Do and Attractions in Unawatuna

Unawatuna is a seaside city located in the Galle district of Sri Lanka. Unawatuna is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka and is famous for its beach and coral tours, which is also one of the best things to do in Unawatuna. It is a suburb of Galle, approximately 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) southeast of the central city and around 108 kilometers (67 mi) south of Colombo.

Essential things to do and attractions in Unawatuna are among the world’s best holiday activities. It’s a perfect travel destination for travel lovers from around the world. The best thing is that it’s a year-round travel destination where many activities take place throughout the year. 

Is Unawatuna the BEST Beach in Sri Lanka?: Well, Unawatuna is a fantastic beach destination. Sri Lanka is an island with a list of magical beaches, and Unawatuna takes a top position in the best beach list in Sri Lanka. Over the years, this fabulous destination did become a must-include travel destination in Sri Lanka Tours

The nightlife at Unawatuna Beach is lush with music and jubilant aura. During the peak season, the clubs, bars, and bars throughout this area are full of locals and tourists. 

OK, let’s get to the best things to do in Unawatuna, including attractions in Unawatuna now. It’s quite a big list that you can blend with any kind of holiday theme. 

  1. Boat Rides: This is one of Unawatuna’s special things to do. The boat’s platform, which consists of clear glass, makes it interesting to tourists and allows them to experience the lively sea. There are many private centers where you can book a boat ride. The charge is normally per boat and passenger, making it affordable for the number of attendees. A guide is also there to explain each of the places you visit, together with the marine animals and corals you can see.
  1. Snorkeling: The whole world knows that Unawatuna is a perfect destination for adventure Water Sports in Sri Lanka. One of the best things to do in the vicinity of Unawatuna is to snorkel in underwater life. Jungle Beach Bay, perfect for hiding from the city center, is the best opportunity for this fascinating activity. You can buy or even rent the equipment from the neighboring shops and explore the world underwater. The journey from Unawatuna to the best snorkeling place takes about 45 minutes. The humidity is unbelievable, and a bottle of water should always be with you. You can even choose a tuk-tuk trip here if you want to get to the place easily. It’s going to be a perfect snorkeling experience for sure. 
  1. Motorbike Rides: You can try to take a day trip to the nearby beaches of Unawatuna, the Dutch Fort, and Galle on a bike, which is going to be more of an adventurous activity. The bus drivers on the roads are reactive and fast, so you always have to ride to the left to avoid any missteps. When you rent a motorcycle, it should go immediately to the gas station because the renters don’t fill the tank. 
  1. Scuba Diving: Taking a dive is one of the best things to do in Unawatuna. “Sea Horse Divers” is one of the most popular diving groups, offering PADI-certified diving courses. They are among the best divers in the country and offer a variety of courses, from basic to advanced and instructor-level diving. You can even take one-day sessions such as the “Discovery Dive,” where the trainer will guide and reveal the different underwater beings and remarkable coral reefs. 
  1. Enjoy the Nightlife: There are vibrant kinds of music and ecstatic nightlife on Unawatuna Beach. You can consider it as one of the best things to do in Unawatuna. During the peak season, locals and tourists migrate to clubs and bars in this area. This feature also makes Unawatuna one of the best destinations for Honeymoon Packages in Sri Lanka. The vivid nightlife in Unawatuna can keep you enthralled throughout the day. 
  1. Shopping: Without a retail therapy session, no Unawatuna trip is comprehensive. Unawatuna has quite a lot of retail locations, but Galle offers numerous possibilities for shopping. In the shopping areas of Galle, the tourist shops exhibit an outstanding array of handmade objects, local handicrafts, intricate decorative masks, and various types of jewelry. You can get plenty of shopping over here. Absolutely, shopping is one of the best things to do over here. 
  1. Savor the Food: Tasting the incredible seafood menus is one of the best things to do in Unawatuna. Authentic seafood is available in Unawatuna Beach under several choices. Quite a lot of resorts and hotels are in place in Unawatuna to taste delicious seafood made with fresh produce. They offer a wonderful selection of menus at reasonable prices.
  1. Visit Galle Fort: In Unawatuna, a tour covering the surrounding areas is one of the top things to do. Galle is a town in the vicinity of Unawatuna and provides amazing traveling opportunities. Then there is the majestic fort Galle and the city that reflect elegant architecture from Sri Lanka, with a minor influence from Spain, the Dutch, and the British. Here you can watch the amazing sunset from the summit of the fortress wall throughout the afternoon. It’s going to be a magical experience. 
  1. Relax on the Beach: Endless activities to take part in and many attractions in Unawatuna to give you a perfect holiday experience. Anyway, relaxing on the beach is also another thing to consider. Watching the golden sunset with your better half can explain to you the meaning of love in nature’s palms. Though it can get crowded in Unawatuna during the peak season, the beach is huge, meaning you can find a quiet place for relaxing. 
  1. Surfing or Stand Up Paddle Boat: Surfing or paddle boarding is among the most adventurous things in Unawatuna. Dewata Beach offers more than enough surfing possibilities. The finest surfing experience is possible in November and May. Ahikawa Surf School is the right place to hire the necessary equipment, where several trained surfers are ready even to instruct surfing.

OK, what are the other best things to do in Unawatuna? How about Unawatuna attractions? Yes, there’s a list of world-famous tourist attractions in Unawatuna, and below is the Best List of it:

  • Japanese Peace Pagoda: One of Unawatuna’s best attractions is this serene temple, which is situated on Rumassala Hill with ocean views. It is pure and beautiful. It’s probably a little bit of a challenge to walk up the hills, but surely worth it. The main attraction of the place is the golden statues, which show the different phases of the life of Lord Buddha around the stupa. It is also a fantastic spot to meditate and to have incredible views of the sunset.
  • The Turtle Hatchery: A small turtle hatchery operated by a family that rescues and protects wounded turtles is The Turtle Hatchery in Unawatuna. They foster the eggs, and once they have hatched, they release small turtles into the ocean. The best thing is that the owner will tell you about the turtles and answer all your questions. You can see the Black turtles, Crabs, Leatherhead turtles, and several more over here. And this can even be a part of Sri Lanka Wildlife Tours.  
  • Dutch Reformed Church: One of the places of interest of Unawatuna is this heritage landmark. It is in the historic area of the fortress and the typical Dutch architecture of the town. The arch dome, the stained-glass windows as well as the floor sculptures are very different. This old church deserves a place on the best attractions in the Unawatuna list.  
  • Jungle Beach: On the other side of Unawatuna Beach is Jungle Beach in Unawatuna, where it is considerably less congested than it is. There are also plenty of uneven roads that lead to the beach, which is quite a long walk. You may find peacocks on your way or monitors, making the walk wilder! The beach is a remote, jungle-clad beach itself. It’s suitable for snorkel and dive due to the clear water. This popular spot for travelers and the locals is to visit during the weekdays to avoid the crowds.
  • Yatagala Raja Maha Vihara: Inspired by Ceylon’s history, this temple is one of the top tourist attractions in Unawatuna. A Bodhi tree in Sri Lanka, 2300 years old, resides in this peaceful place. King Walagamba, with the great assistance of a rocky cave, built the temple. And you will find plenty of ancient Buddha’s paintings and sculptures. The Kandyan style artworks are the main attraction of this site.
  • Maritime Archaeology Museum: This museum has many unique displays and details on old commercial roads and trade items. There are plenty of items used by Dutch East India Trading Company and colonial history in Sri Lanka. Fabulous information on Sri Lanka’s invasions and a fascinating compilation of some historical maps are also available. This is one of Unawatuna’s top tourist attractions.

We have come to the end of the list now. It is pretty understandable that Unawatuna is a fabulous tourist destination in Sri Lanka. It is perfect for water sports, honeymoon holidays, sightseeing, and so on. 

Do you want to visit Unawatuna? We know that your heart craves to keep your feet on Unawatuna Beach. Contact us and book your tour.