The Significance Of Sri Lankan Ayurveda Herbal Bath – Tour Packages

For centuries, Sri Lankan herbal bathtubs were a place to bond and cure – and many Sri Lankans even consider it to be sacred. As per Ayurveda, you don’t have to be a patient to book an Ayurveda tour package. There are several advantages that you will enjoy from taking regular Ayurveda healing sessions, such as removing toxins stored in your body.

Ayurveda Herbal Bath – the best locations

There are several options for steam bath treatment in Sri Lanka. The best and most searched after the method is to reach an Ayurveda spa or resort, which can be located in the beach towns and also in several locations in the center of Sri Lanka. There is a considerable number of Ayurveda beach resorts scattered around the western and southern coasts of Sri Lanka. 

Ayurveda hotels in Sri Lanka set off the relaxation program and then commence all the positive care work. The herbal bath is an essential part of the Ayurveda treatment package, which is claimed to offer you numerous health benefits. We may classify the care of herbal baths into two major categories:

1) Ayurveda Herbal Steam Bath Procedure

The steam bath session lasts approximately 30 minutes, although the length varies based on the patient and is determined by the doctor. At the end of the herbal bath treatment, most of the visitors appear as red as beetroot, the majority of visitors who practice Ayurveda treatments in Sri Lanka come from European countries, they seem to shift color more quickly than dark-skinned citizens. Promptly after the steam bath, the guests switch to the bathroom and rinse themselves with hot water. 

The steam box is split into two sections horizontally right in the center with a wooden platform board. The panel contains small holes that enable steam to enter the top portion of the chamber from the basal end. The lower compartment has a combination of herbs and medicinal leaves. Typically, an individual sits in a steam bath box, which is packed with herb-infused steam, around 10 minutes and 3 minutes. 

Benefits of treatment of steam bath 

This herbal bath therapy session tends to drive the herbal oil deeper into the layers of the skin. Sweat works to eliminate pollutants. 

When you are seated in a steam box, the heat produced by steam causes chemical processes within the body to remove the toxins from the body that have been collected in the body. You have millions of sweat glands in your skin that could be used as an opening to eliminate metabolic and other waste from the body. All this allows Steam Bath therapy an efficient ayurvedic therapy that enables the kidneys and liver to detoxify the body. 

Ayurveda steam bath therapy is extremely relaxing, apart from removing pollutants from your body, it often rejuvenates your body and mind. It helps the body more comfortable by producing endorphins. Endorphin is a hormone that helps the person completely comfortable in an undisturbed and joyous state of being. Steam bath therapies improve the supply of blood at a safe pace and soften the muscles.

(2) Ayurveda Herbal Bath (Avagaha Sweda) 

Avagaha Sweda, implying immersion (Avagaha) meanwhile, sweating (Sweda), is an ancient-time Ayurvedic healing process in which contaminants are removed from the body through induced sweating. After an oil massage, you would be submerged in warm water, where the mix of strictly regulated temperature and special Ayurvedic herbs facilitates good circulation, providing instant relief from any inflammation, stiffness, or pain. 

Benefits of Ayurvedic Herbal Baths

This soothing therapy will clean, renew and rejuvenate you; it will give you a feeling of absolute well-being. 

Besides, the usage of herbal rinses is part of the practice of bathing. A mixture of chosen herbs is applied to the hot water prescribed in Ayurveda. They are then diluted with the bathing water. Herbal rinses also offer a sense of freshness, enhance micro-circulation and preserve the natural quality of the skin.

Ayurveda herbal bath packages – Bookings

So, now you know the advantages of Ayurveda’s medicinal baths; why don’t you experience it yourself and rejuvenate yourself after an exciting vacation? We’re arranging herbal bath treatments at the best Ayurvedic resorts and spas in the country.  Contact us and book your tour today or please visit For more details about Ayurveda Tours in Sri Lanka

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