The purpose of Ayurvedic skincare is to reconstruct the normal Prakriti of the skin by restoring the harmony of the elements that have been disrupted. The capacity of the skin to regularly cleanse and rejuvenate itself and thereby preserve its optimal wellbeing is strengthened by the awareness of all five basic elements that make up the skin. 

If our skin is overloaded with contaminants from the environment, Ayurveda experts can produce ojas, a substance inside us that promotes physical, physiological, mental, sensual, and spiritual health.

Ayurveda Healthy Skin Treatments in Sri Lanka – Elements and Procedures

The first step in the holistic method of Ayurveda to skincare is to figure out your type of Ayurvedic skin. Ayurvedic skin types may be categorized at the most specific level based on the prevalence of a single feature in the skin. 

With time, the initial proportions of the five components of the human skin – the Prakriti of the skin – can be affected by external factors. Specific deficiencies in the skin can be induced by different causes, such as seasonal shifts, elemental aggravation attributable to unhealthy nutrition or lifestyle, or behavioral, psychological, sensual, and physical environmental effects, such as pollution, energy disturbances, and electromagnetic impacts. Hidden allergies, clothing, artificial flavors, diet, and spices often influence the health and beauty of the individual’s skin.

Ayurveda Healthy Skin Treatments – Benefits

When the Oja levels have dropped, the shrotas (microchannels) in physiology get blocked and contaminants take over, causing ill-health in the skin and physiology. On the other hand, if the pathway of communication through the skin is not made responsive to the optimistic energies of the environment, an essential way of supplying soma and Agni physiology is compromised. 

Therapies recommended under this program inhibit microchannels from clogging or impeding vibrational assistance from the environment to physiology, meaning that all the components that make up the skin are assisted and nurtured.

Ayurveda Healthy Skin Treatments in Sri Lanka – Bookings

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