Whale Watching in Bentota: Sri Lanka’s Blue Whale Highway

Whale watching in Bentota; we can explain it to you this way: Delight in incredible Blue Whale watching trip, see these massive marine creatures jumping out of the water in an encounter like never before. Throughout peak months, 95% of the likelihood of seeing Sperm Whales and the odds of witnessing Blue Whales are high because their migration route is just off Dondra Point. 

Overa Tours arranges whale watching tours off Dondra Point on a professionally insured trawler cruise, which will last for many hours. There’s a good chance for seeing Spinner Dolphins off Dondra. Ample accommodation options are available, as the Dondra point is easily reached from Mirissa, which is another popular beach resort town in Sri Lanka. 

Watching whales and dolphins in Bentota and Mirissa is among the most thrilling underwater encounters you can have throughout your Adventure Holidays in Sri Lanka. Bentota is one of the safest locations to start watching whales and dolphins in Sri Lanka. You will see Blue whales, Bryde’s whales, Sperm whales, Spin Whales, sometimes Killer whales, and Normal dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, spinner dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, and Striped dolphins in the warm Indian ocean. Occasionally, you can see turtles and a variety of species, such as bluefin tuna and jumping species. This is one of the Best Things to do in Bentota.

Best Time for Bentota Whale Watching Tours: Off the coast of southern and western Sri Lanka, the North-West Monsoon timeframe from April-November is a peak hour on the “Blue Whale Highway,” as hundreds of humpback whales and blue whales head to the tropical sea of the south and west of Sri Lanka. The sea off Mirissa, Matara is a breeding place for whales and indicates the end destination of the whale migration path, which runs between both the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Migration of Whales: Every year, hundreds of whales fully participate in this 10,000 km annual round trip, the tradition of migration is one of the practices passed down through generations by the whales and in effect for several centuries. However, as per figures gathered by non-governmental organizations involved in whale-protecting programs, local whale-watching organizers point to a steady rise in numbers over the last few years, which in turn allows local people to draw more visitors. 

Overa Tours arranges Whale watching Bentota and many other activities, such as boating, snorkeling, diving in beautiful Bentota in Sri Lanka. 

What to Expect?: Bentota is a fabulous tourist destination. It’s a beautiful coastal resort town that many thousands of travelers visit throughout the year. Bentota is one of the best travel destinations for honeymoon couples, and whale watching in Bentota can make your honeymoon holiday an exciting and memorable one. 

When it comes to whale watching, you have to find tour operators that do it according to safety standards. And this is where Overa Tours comes in handy for you. As well as whale watching, you can try many other enthralling activities in Bentota. Just chilling on the Bentota Beach is a fabulous experience, and you can imagine the greatness when the beach’s magic blends with whale watching. 

We are local travel experts who can make your holiday in Sri Lanka a memorable experience for a lifetime. Contact us today for customized whale watching tours in Bentota. 

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