The Most Romantic Destinations in Sri Lanka

The Most Romantic Destinations in Sri Lanka

Looking for the most romantic destinations in Sri Lanka? This amazing island is well-known for being the ideal romantic retreat for couples. Sri Lanka offers a variety of incredible places, ranging from lakes and rivers to lush tea gardens to stunning beaches. You can find picturesque views everywhere you look. Through this post, we’re bringing you the best destinations for couples that Sri Lanka offers. 

All these locations offer the perfect atmosphere for the most romantic vacation that will bring you closer. Scroll through to learn about the most romantic destinations in Sri Lanka to visit with the love of your life.

Top romantic destinations in Sri Lanka 

Ella: lush greenery and romantic landscapes

Are you daydreaming about a romantic getaway in the midst of lush vegetation? If yes, Ella is the place for you. It’s a beautiful Sri Lankan mountain village where you can enjoy nature and each other’s company to your heart’s content. Acres of tea plantations will surround you, creating an ethereal atmosphere. With everything it has to offer, it’s no surprise that Ella is such a popular romantic honeymoon spot.

During your stay, make sure to wander around the tea estates, go cycling, or go trekking. The best time to visit is in April, when the weather is warm. Ella’s top attractions are the Nine Arches Bridge, Ravana’s Cave, and Little Adam’s Peak.

Hikkaduwa: vibrant coral reefs and southern charm

This one is for beach lovers! Hikkaduwa is well-known for its gorgeous coral reefs. It’s perfect for couples who love exploring and discovering what nature has to offer. Spend your beach days by taking long walks on the beach hand in hand, arranging picnics, and taking swims. 

Also, if you adore adventure as much as you adore each other, try out fun water sports like snorkeling and surfing. As the day goes by, try out local cuisine from seaside restaurants while admiring the crystal blue waves and the breeze. We recommend visiting Hikkaduwa during November–March, when the weather is ideal.

Galle Dutch Fort: A Place to Discover History and Culture

What do you think about a peaceful day spent gazing over the infinite sea with your loved one? If it’s your kind of honeymoon or vacation, make it happen at the picturesque Galle Old Dutch Fort, South Asia’s most well-preserved sea fort. Galle Fort is in the southwest corner of Sri Lanka, around 110 kilometers from Colombo. The Galle fort was a creation of the Portuguese during the 16th century.

Discovering new cultures and history’s iconic moments with your loved one can make your vacation more memorable. While you’re exploring the Galle Fort, take some time to look into the historic architecture and structures. Take your sweet time to learn about the history, admire this iconic fort’s design, and, as it gets close to sunset, climb up for a beautiful view of the ocean. You can then climb down and wander along the beach as well. We recommend visiting the Galle Fort between December and March, when the weather is pleasant.

Romantic destinations in Sri Lanka: Bentota Beach

Sri Lanka has a lot to offer for beach lovers, and Bentota is another amazing option. Golden sandy beaches, a warm breeze, crystal blue waters, and sunshine can always make your vacation even more romantic. If you dream of a beach honeymoon, Bentota Beach is the perfect spot for you and your loved ones. Both locals and visitors from around the world adore Bentota Beach, which is about 65 kilometers from Colombo. Spend the day with your lover on the golden sands of the beach, admiring the gorgeous ocean views, taking walks down the shore, and swimming. 

The beach also offers boat rides that take you along the Bentota River. Make your day more adventurous by trying out some fun water sports at Bentota Beach. You can relax afterwards, or if you still can’t get enough of the adventure, take some time to visit the turtle hatching center nearby the beach. Here, you will get to see the adorable turtles and learn such interesting facts about them. Since the weather is perfect, you can visit Bentota almost year-round.

Kandalama: the scenic small village

Kandalama is the place to go if you envision a romantic getaway in a stunning setting with a variety of lush plants. Renowned globally for its natural beauty and the tranquility it provides, the calm and peacefulness of this destination attract visitors from around the world. The climate, the lush greenery, and the picturesque views all make it the best honeymoon location for couples.

Spend your day sightseeing, admiring the views, exploring the nearby lakes, and later, make sure to visit the Spice Garden too. As it gets closer to the sunset, you two lovebirds can take a hot air balloon flight over the gorgeous scenery of Kandalama. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that!

Kandalama is best visited between the months of May and June. The area experiences rain from October to November. Apart from these months, you two can visit this paradise at any time of the year.

Arugam Bay: crystal blue water and golden sandy beaches

A beach honeymoon is a perfect choice for many couples. Thankfully, Sri Lanka offers you many options to choose from. Arugam Bay is also one of the most popular destinations, especially for couples who adore the beach. Expect to fall in love all over again with the sight of the sparkling blue sea. Arugam Bay, located on the island’s southeast coast, is well-known around the world for its beautiful ocean views, and it’s no wonder that Arugam Bay is considered one of Asia’s most stunning beaches. Besides its beauty, the beach is an adventure paradise. 

During your visit, take your time to truly enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean and the beautiful sunset while also having fun in the water. If you and your loved ones love adrenaline, don’t miss out on the chance to participate in a variety of water activities. After a refreshing swim, make sure to try speed boating and deep-sea diving to explore the underwater world.

Nuwara Eliya: Tea estates and cozy atmosphere

A perfect romantic vacation begins with the perfect location, and Nuwara Eliya is the place for that. This beautiful hill country city is one of the most sought-after honeymoon spots in Sri Lanka. The lush green slopes of Nuwara Eliya, the cold breeze, pretty red brick houses, country house-like clubs, and centuries-old bungalows all gather up to create the most cozy atmosphere for a honeymoon. 

With many wonderful views to offer, it is one of the best honeymoon sites in the island country for your romantic start. Take long walks along the lush green tea gardens, enjoying the views and the climate of Nuwara Eliya. During your stay, take some time to go on hikes too. Also, make time to visit the popular waterfalls such as Lovers Leap Fall, Lakshapana Falls, and Ravana Falls, which are nearby.

Wrapping up

There you have it! We listed the most romantic destinations in Sri Lanka. So, did you find your perfect spot to visit? We know you want the perfect romantic getaway for you and your loved ones. Undoubtedly, the best place for your perfect romantic vacation is Sri Lanka, the island nation full of spectacular views, lush tea gardens, and beautiful sandy beaches. So don’t wait any longer. Plan your perfect honeymoon or vacation in Sri Lanka, where you will find breathtaking views and natural, historical, and cultural spots that are picture-perfect in every way. It offers the ideal romantic getaway you and your loved ones dream of and deserve. Contact us for further details.

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