Culture Of Sri Lanka and What to Expect

If you ask us, “when did Sri Lanka’s captivating history and culture start,” then we have to give you a pretty surprising answer, and your heart will then straightway suggest exploring the majestic culture of Sri Lanka for the upcoming holiday season. This island is quite small, but its history is as old as 40,000 years. The most wondrous fact about the jewel of the Indian Ocean is that the ruins and culture/discovery sites take you back to those old days and the present, from the Iron Age to the Modern Days. This distinct feature is not something that you would experience in many other travel destinations in the world.

Your holiday experience will be so pure and serene over here as Sri Lanka’s culture is extremely closer to nature. Both the essences have a close and notable connection with each other. Whether it is visiting the Cultural Triangle or a day-trip, a collection of surprises and wonders made of Buddhist architecture, archaeology, ancient arts, traditional dancing, agriculture, and drama greets you and goes right into your heart.

A Bit About the Culture of Sri Lanka & Dignified History

It all started with Venerable Mihindu Maha Thero, the son of the Great King Dharmashoka, visiting Sri Lanka over 2500 years ago and presented Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Since then, the ancient culture of Sri Lanka has been raised to the Platinum Level, and this is the glory that you can witness through ancient ruins and cultural sites when you book Exclusive Tour Packages. You can also see the Mihinthalaya nature reserve, which is the world’s first sanctuary.

World Heritage Sites In Sri Lanka:

The history of Sri Lanka significantly originates within these world heritage sites. Altogether, eight world heritage sites are there on this small island to explore. Things get more exciting and grand here as those Culture and Discovery world heritage sites are notably diverse from each other. Therefore, this so-called Variety Factor keeps you amazed from one cultural site to the other; it is never-ending excitement.

How Many Days Would You Need?:

When defining the cultural sites of Sri Lanka, we can think of many ends. You will need at least a 10-day tour to cover it all. 7-10 days tours are more beneficial for exploring the glorious history and culture in detail.

An Important Tip: while you can see the wonders with your eyes, but you will also want to know the story behind those majestic ruins, breath-taking palaces, and Stupas. A local expert who knows this dignified history comes in handy for you here. Also, it is highly advisable that you plan any tour with a licensed and local tour service like us.


When Is The Best Time For Culture Trips?:

Sri Lanka is a tropical country. At least one part of the country has sound weather for holidays. However, certain festivals take place in different months. For example, if you want to witness the glittering Kandy Esala Perahara, then July/August are the months to visit Sri Lanka. Traditional celebrations such as the Sinhala & Tamil New Year take place in April.

If you love to explore the country’s historical ruins and enjoy such festivals and ceremonies at the same time, then contact a reputed local tourer for more information. To make things easier for you, we have included a list of elegant festivals and celebrations with the months below:

* Navam Perahera: February.

* Sinhala & Tamil New year: April.

* Vesak Poya: May.

* Poson Festival: June.

* Kandy Esala Perahera: July/August.

* Kataragama Esala Festival: July/August.

* Diwali: November.

N.B. The dates and months may change. Plan your holiday with local experts’ advice.


The Cultural Triangle & Multi-Theme Holidays:

The Cultural Triangle has fascinated millions of tourists over the past decades. Kandy, Polonnaruwa, and Anuradhapura are the major world heritage sites that make the triangle, and Sigiriya & Dambulla add more value to it. These glorified places are the cream of the culture of Sri Lanka. When you visit Sri Lanka, expecting a mixed experience that combines all the essences of the country, such as culture, adventure, wildlife, and so on, then exploring the Cultural Triangle is your top choice. You can combine it with Other Holiday Themes

A quick tip: You should choose a full-service local tourer to plan such multi-theme holidays. Well, Overa Tours is the best choice here.


Cultural Shows & Traditional Dancing: When it comes to stimulating dance, arts, and cultural heritage shows, no other destinations on the planet can supersede Sri Lanka. Three main styles of classical, cultural dances that are only performed in Sri Lanka will give you an exclusively unique and sublime experience.

* UdaRata Natum (Kandyan or hill country dances.)

* PahathaRata Natum (Southern province dances.)

* Sabaragamuwa Natum (Sabaragamuwa dances.)

Over 12 unique and traditional dance performance themes that come under the main three classical dance types to see from your eyes and feel the power and charisma in the heart. When you book a tour for exploring the majestic culture of Sri Lanka, make sure you request your local tourer to arrange this exceptional tourist attraction for you.

Our Best Tip: The Kandy Lake Club Cultural Show is something to witness at least one time in your lifetime.

The importance of choosing a licensed and local tourer service is understandable now. You undoubtedly require expert advice and guidance to understand each heritage site and its fortifications/ruins. From giant Stupa to the smallest statue in Sri Lanka, they all carry a majestic history and an interesting story that you would want to know.

That is why we have gathered at Overa Tours. Our years of experience in the Sri Lanka travel and tourism industry and our local, expert knowledge add more meaning to your holiday. Contact us today and plan your next memorable culture & discovery tour in the jewel of Asia.


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