Trekking in Bentota

Bentota-Aturuwella regions are great for strolling and trekking across captivating rice paddies. You will witness the 100-year-old Katukohila Temple, Portuguese-style residential complexes, and it’s a prime place to enjoy the glorious sunset. You will also find a spot where a large number of migrating birds reside in Sri Lanka till the end of winter in their countries. If you are planning your next vacation to make the great things to do in Bentota, include this activity, as well.

A bit About Bentota: Bentota, on the Southern Expressway, is a prime tourist hotspot with over 15 Star-class hotels, and several boutique-style hotels with sun, sand, and surf. This gives the tourist an ideal opportunity to stay in one and savor many unique above water sports. Bentota was always renowned as the adventure water sports capital of Sri Lanka with hotel owners in the area constantly supporting Water Sports from adrenaline-filled speedboats, and many more. 

Trekking in Bentota & What to Expect?: You will witness the renowned eco-friendly lifestyle of a peaceful small community, untroubled by new concrete structures or a lifestyle that helps to protect the beauty of nature as it is. You will also have the chance to dive into cooling freshwater rivers. 

Finally, visit centuries of Buddhist Temples arriving through a hard road to the Buddhist monastery, where the Buddhist monks keep themselves away from the crowded world to meditate in order to get rid of one’s desire to reach Nibbana.

Why Trekking in Bentota?: While you are able to visit the countryside of Sri Lanka, this is your biggest opportunity. Starting in Bentota, you can discover the beautiful countryside with knowledgeable villagers. This can be a day trip or a night excursion. 

The journey starts early in the morning from Bentota. And the countryside is close to the World Heritage Site, Sinharaja rainforest. You will have the opportunity to visit the Little Adams peak and Buddhist monasteries like Welalpotha or Kalupahana. You can also ride to the Brief Garden designed by Bevis Bawa. All in all, Bentota Trekking takes a top spot in the list of top hiking and trekking places in Sri Lanka.  

Trekking Tours in Bentota With Overa Tours: Bentota is a fabulous tourist destination in Sri Lanka, and trekking in it is a memorable experience. Do you want to enjoy that thrilling activity? We can arrange it for you. We can also make it a part of a complete Bentota tour. 

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