Narigama Beach is a lovely beach near Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. This beach’s waves are perfect for surfing, and the fine sand makes for a pleasant stroll.

Narigama Beach has a wide and uninterrupted sand streamline that stretches over 3-4 kilometers. It offers a breathtaking vista that you must not miss. Surfers from all over the globe visit this beach to get their daily fix of fun.

narigama beach
narigama beach
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Getting to Narigama Beach

Narigama Beach may easily be reached through Hikkaduwa, another well-known Sri Lankan beach. The Southern Expy/E01 takes 1 hour, 59 minutes to go from Colombo to Hikkaduwa.

Narigama Beach Activities

Narigama beach is a haven of peace in the mornings when you can enjoy the dawn, and it becomes windy just before sunset when the sky turns a beautiful orange color as it sets over the sea. In Narigama, you’ll find hammocks, seafood kiosks with live fish, beverages to keep you cool in the sun, and friendly people to help you navigate your way about.

1. Narigama Beach Snorkeling

Known for its sandy beach and expansive coral reef, Narigama is a popular snorkeling destination in Sri Lanka. This vast coral reef attracts tourists from all over the world. Scuba and snorkeling are the most popular ways to explore the vast coral reef system under the sea. Snorkeling is an inexpensive and fast alternative to scuba diving, which is time-consuming and expensive.

2. Surfing Narigama

Narigama is a popular tourist destination for those interested in surfing and other water sports. A well-developed metropolis with lively nightlife. Nighttime activities include beach parties, DJ sets, and other forms of entertainment. The waves at surf spots may range from 3 feet to 11 feet high. According to locals and tourists alike, these are some of the most well-known surf spots in the world.

3. The Sandagiri Ayurveda Centre

After a long day at the beach, treat your aching muscles at Sandagiri Ayurveda Centre, an Ayurveda massage facility. The distance from this location to Narigama Beach is just 2.92 kilometers.

4. Community Tsunami Museum

The Community Tsunami Museum is a great place to learn about Sri Lanka’s history. Narigama beach is 3.37 kilometers distant from this exposition hall. It depicts the most heartbreaking elements of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka, killing hundreds and destroying millions of dollars worth of property.

The nearby Hikkaduwa National Park is also worth visiting; it’s just 3.35km from Narigama beach. One of Sri Lanka’s three major national parks, it is designated as a Geological National Park. This location’s unique feature is a stunning coral reef with an exceptionally high level of biodiversity.

Narigama beach is a lovely and serene dune area ideal for everyone, including families and couples.