Surfing, Windsurfing, & Kite Surfing: Well, no need to explain that surfing is one of the well-known and thrilling water exercises. Sri Lanka is a blessed island with world-class and peaceful waters for this unforgettable experience. The right amount of sea breeze, enchanting backgrounds, warmer climate, and suitably powerful sea waves combine and create a precise setting for amazing and enjoyable surfing sessions. The necessary training provided for amateurs and beginners.


Argam Bay, Weligama Beach, Unwattuna, and Hikkaduwa are the best places for traditional surfing. November to April is the perfect time for this fascinating activity.


The Colombo sailing club and Bentota are the best beaches for windsurfing. Due to more challenging conditions, the West Coast is ideal for experienced surfers.

Kite Surfing 

Kalpitya Lagoon is a heaven for this courageous water sport.  Due to strong wind supporting the kite, the afternoon is the best time.

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