Colombo in Sri Lanka; you must have already heard about this fascinating capital of the jewel of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is a holiday paradise, and tourism in Colombo is the zenith of this paradise for luxury holidays and honeymoons. It is not a concrete jungle, though. Tourist attractions in Colombo and things to do in Colombo are among the cream of the world’s best list of tourism. The city is a comprehensive combination of city/luxury life and nature’s glamour in satisfactory amounts. Ruled by Portuguese, Dutch, and British for many centuries, this all-in-one city still carries the influences of the tri-nations. Colonial buildings, colonial-style hotels, and the old parliament magnify the glory of the capital to the next level. Colombo in Sri Lanka is one of the hearts of Asia’s tourism industry.

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Tourism In Colombo Explained: The name Colombo always goes with the term “Luxury.” The high-rate development taking place after the end of the Civil War is notably revolutionizing this stunning city, making it more and more perfect for tourism and vacationing. This fascinating city comprises some of the world’s famous hotels for tropical holidays, and dedicated nightclubs for tourists that are the highlight of its thrilling nightlife.

Things to do and what to see here are within the World’s Best holiday activity list. Did you know that almost a hundred of Colombo tourist attractions are there? The land area of Colombo in Sri Lanka is not even 38km². So, a staggering number of notable tourist attractions naturally placed, making it a complete vacationing town. Dedicated shopping stores for tourists sell traditional handicrafts, and the uniqueness of those beautiful ornaments undoubtedly deserves a place in your display cabinet.

Hotels In Colombo: No travel destination would be a so-called luxury travel spot without luxury resorts and hotels, and this city has it in abundance. About 660 hotels of different classes wait here to provide you accommodation from the beginning to the end of your holiday for a lifetime.

  A quick tip: Colombo in Sri Lanka is a hub of Asia’s luxury hotels, making it a top choice for VIP & luxury holidays and honeymoons.

Things To Do In Colombo — Most Accurate List

Things To Do In Colombo is a bigger agenda than you think. While you won’t see lush green mountains and charming waterfalls here, but Colombo has all the essential components of a country’s so-called Capital. The city has a long history and value as a principal port on ancient east-west trade routes. This capital is a multi-race-culture-religious city. Things to do in Colombo take place within a smaller land area of 37.31 km²; you can do many things within a day here, which is remarkably special.


1) Enjoy a City Tour: This has to come first on things to do in Colombo inventory. You can choose an open double-decker for pictorial scenes or a Tuk-Tuk ride for a more authentic experience. City tours are a prime part of tourism in Colombo.

2) Golfing at The Royal Colombo Golf Club: This well-maintained golf course has captivated all enthusiastic golfers for almost 130 years. Attractive surroundings of the golf course enhance the experience and make you feel like you are golfing in nature’s palm. We highly recommend this as one of the top things to do in Colombo. The grand Royal Golf Club completesthe stylish city, Colombo in Sri Lanka.

3) Shopping: The capital of the island is also the heart of shopping. Shopping malls and fancy stores have many things to buy, including handicraft, designer clothing, branded shoes & handbags, and even furniture; this deserves a place in things to do in Colombo. The Floating Marking in Pettah, Liberty Plaza in Kolpity, Arcade Independence Square, Colombo City Center, Odel, Marino Mall, Majestic City, and Crescat Boulevard Mall are the best choices for shopping in Colombo.

Shopping in Colombo Sri Lanka

4) Taste Authentic Seafood: Sri Lanka is renowned for its tasty foods, and spicy mouth-watering seafood menus are famous among tourists. You got to savor and feel these authentic menus, especially on Mount Lavinia Beach. You can taste all the traditional meals of the country in luxury and stylish settings in Colombo in Sri Lanka. Village-themed hotels and resorts serve local and international food menus, and those will keep you refreshed and stimulated throughout the satisfying holiday. Not to forget, Colombo is a center of Sri Lanka delicious street foods. Quite many street shops sell various kinds of hot and sweet treats at cheap rates at the country’s biggest shop, Colombo in Sri Lanka. Authentic food tasting is a must-include in the things to do in Colombo list.

5) Visit At Least One Temple: The jewel of the Indian Ocean is a Buddhist country, and majestic temples in Colombo have so much to give you. While you would not witness ancient temples here as you would in other Sri Lankan cities, but many attractive temples exist in this stylish city. Visiting these grand temples is undoubtedly a must-enjoy experience in Colombo. These well-known temples have become a renowned part of tourism in Colombo by now.

6) A Relaxing Massage Experience: The number of spas is on the rise with the development of tourism in Colombo. Star-grade hotels and resorts located within Colombo in Sri Lanka are the best choices for a variety of relaxing massage techniques from Shiatsu to traditional Sri Lankan healing. You can enjoy all other enthralling things to do in Colombo in the daytime and hit a luxury spa at a modern hotel at night for a perfectly relaxing and healing time. Also, the jewel of the Indian Ocean is renowned for its ancient Ayurvedic healing techniques, herbal baths, meditation, and therapeutic drinks.

7) Visit Dehiwala Zoological Garden:  Yet another unmissable must-try in Colombo. See a broad collection of mammals, reptiles, birds, and fishes living in healthy settings on a beautifully-landscaped 30-acres land. The zoo is more than a location; it is an experience for your whole family. Recent development programs have modified the Dehiwala Zoo up to international standards, making it one of the hearts of tourism in Colombo.

 8) Nightlife Experience: One of the top things to do in Colombo. This is where the country’s city life reaches the highest point. Chill-out bars, night restaurants, casinos, and BBQ parties in luxury hotels are the perfect choices to experience the luxury nightlife of Sri Lanka. The country’s government has taken all the necessary steps for ensuring your safety at night over here. Safety monitoring systems are in place, including police and tri-forces’ vehicles continuously monitoring the capital at night for the safety of locals and tourists.


Colombo Tourist Attractions — The “Top” List

Tourist attractions in Colombo are no ordinary ones. Many of the things to do in Colombo have a notable connection with these top attractions. We include a “quick list” for your convenience:

1) Gangaramaya Temple: One of the most famous religious tourist attractions in Colombo.

2) National Museum of Colombo: This is the biggest museum on the island.

3) Independence Memorial Hall: Another attractive tourist place in Colombo.

4) Galle Face Green: A picnic attraction in Colombo.

5) Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque: One of the top culturally vibrant places to witness in Colombo in Sri Lanka.

6) Viharamahadevi Park: This is the largest park in Colombo.

7) Dutch Period Museum: The unique architecture and the collection of personal belongings of several Dutch rulers make this a top Colombo tourist attraction.

8) Old Parliament Building: Built in the year 1930, this majestic colonial building was Sri Lanka’s parliament in 1977.

9) Beira Lake: A must-visit with the Gangaramaya Temple in Colombo. An iconic temple called the Seemamalakaya in the lake’s center, enhances the beauty of the lake.

10) Pettah Floating Market: One of the most exciting shopping places in Colombo in Sri Lanka.

11) Barefoot: Perhaps the best place to buy woven garments.

12) The World Trade Centre twin-building: The tallest buildings in Sri Lanka, and one of the famous Colombo tourist attractions.

13) Manning Market: One of the oldest and famous markets in Colombo.

14) Laksala: This is the only state-run souvenir shop in Sri Lanka. As well as a top tourist place, this deserves a place on the things to do in Colombo list. It is a unique shopping experience.

15) St Anthony’s Church: A famous church in Sri Lanka that welcomes people from all religions. Even Buddhist citizens visit this holy church.

16) Attidiya Bird Sanctuary: The home for over 50 beautiful bird species; this place is gaining popularity as one of the top tourist attractions in Colombo.

17) Dehiwala Zoo: The most famous zoo on the island; about 2500 mammals live here in healthy settings.

18) Old Galle Buck Lighthouse: This iconic lighthouse has stood in Colombo since 1954, and is spectacular for great views of the Indian Ocean.

19) Old Dutch Hospital: One of the top tourist attractions in Colombo due to historical significance. The old hospital building became a part of Colombo back in the 17th century.

20) Traditional Puppet Art Museum: This is the best place to witness multi-colored Sri Lankan puppets and puppet shows.

21) Leisure World: A 52-acre extensive theme park in Colombo in Sri Lanka. This is also one of the best things to do in Colombo due to the adventurous experience you can enjoy over here.

22) Old City Hall: The Old City Hall on the main street is without a doubt one of the best attractions in Colombo, packed with architecture and history.

23) Mount Lavinia: Mount Lavinia Hotel is one of the most famous hotels on the entire island. The Mount Lavinia Beach is famous for the golden sunset and charming views of the Laccadive sea.

24) Colombo Port Maritime Museum: This renovated museum has much historical information, items, and artifacts. The years of establishment (1676) makes it one of the top tourist attractions in Colombo. Also, the port museum is one of the oldest attractions that make tourism in Colombo so famous in the world.

25) Bellagio: A highly-renowned casino in Colombo in Sri Lanka. You can play Three Card Poker, Back Jack, and poker here.

26) Bally’s Casino: The king of all casinos in Colombo. A luxurious spa and bar complete the casino, and you can experience the city nightlife in the finest settings here.

27) Sri Ponnambalawaneswaram Kovil: A beautiful Hindu temple built with south granite. This Hindu temple is one of the biggest Hindu worshiping sites on the entire island. The distinct features of this majestic Hindu temple make it perfectly fit within the list of top Colombo Attractions.

28) Temple of Sri Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam Kovil: A 200-year-old colorful Hindu temple (this is the oldest Hindu temple in Colombo in Sri Lanka.)

29) National Art Gallery: Sri Lanka’s culture and art meet here. You can buy world-class paintings created by the country’s famous artist here. Renowned as one of the best tourist attractions in Colombo for the past few decades.

30) Colombo Lotus Tower: We end our Colombo tourist attractions list with a modern wonder. The tallest tower on the island, and one of the top unique structures in Sri Lanka. You got to visit this modern wonder.

Colombo In Sri Lanka For Holidays: While many other world-famous travel destinations exist on this glorious land, but this city is also yet another spectacular land area for family, honeymoon, and group holidays. Beaches, city life, endless shopping, luxury hotels, busy streets, the Indian Ocean, majestic temples, gigantic Hindu Kovils, museums, and tourist attractions of various kinds clustered in stunning Colombo.


Visit Colombo In Sri Lanka With Overa Tours: We are holiday-planning experts. We masterly arrange family, honeymoon, and group holidays across Sri Lanka, and we have special packages and tours exclusively made covering the all-in-one Colombo. Contact us today for more information.