Kanniya Hot Water Wells has become a prominent tourist attraction for those visiting Trincomalee. There are seven hot springs that have already been turned into bathing wells. The temperature of each of them is significantly different. Water from wells is often known to have medicinal curing abilities and to be able to treat certain health conditions. 

As per the notice board of the Pradeshiya Sabha at the wells, this well goes back to the days of King Ravana, who controlled the country more than 5000 years ago. You have got to visit Kanniya hot water springs when you visit Trinco for a holiday.

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How to Get to Kanniya Hot Springs?:

The springs are 8 km from the middle of Trincomalee, 6 km from Uppuveli, and 15 km from Nilaveli. You can get here by tuk-tuk, a rental car, or a tour. Further from the parking lot via the shopping alley, you have to go to the counter to buy a ticket to get to the territory of the wells. It would be appropriate to walk through the pedestrian mall to the wells.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about Kanniya Hot Springs) 

  • Location- Situated at Gomarankadawala, 13 km from Puttalam-Trincomalee Road. 
  • What is the entry fee of Kanniya Hot Spring – 50 Sri Lankan Rupees for 1 tourist adult  
  • What is the opening time of Kanniya Hot Water Wells – 365 days/8 a.m. to 6 pm
  • May I take a bath at Kanniya Hot Springs – yes, of course, but the number of buckets is restricted because there are a lot of visitors
  • Is it too hot for a bath? not really too hot, 38 – 42 Celsius
  • May I use soap at the hot spring center – you shouldn’t use soap or shower gel; it’s prohibited 

The History of Kanniya Hot Springs:

Wells goes back to the days of King Ravana, who ruled the nation more than 5000 years ago. And, now it has been acknowledged that these wells belonged to a major Buddhist monastery covering a wide region. The war of the North and East has devastated much of the Buddhist remnants in these regions, and only a handful have survived the vengeance of the Eelamists who have taken up the practice of erasing any traces of ancient Buddhist civilization in these regions over the last 30-40 years. 

As per King Ravana’s period, it states that King Ravana pinned the earth with his sword in a few places and a few fountains shot out of those places. The water was warm, and this was the origin of these hot springs, making it one of the Ramayana Yatra sites in Sri Lanka.

Hydrogeological properties of the hot springs of Kanniya Trincomalee    

Geothermal springs are natural springs producing warm water. Hydro-geothermal systems connect the global earth’s crust, the hydrological and environmental cycles of the climate. Generally, three significant variables influence the production of hot springs, including hot air, groundwater, and reservoir rocks. 

The average surface temperatures of Kinniya spring water vary from 30 ° C to 37 ° C, all of which can be categorized as warm waters.

As a top-rated tourist attraction in Trinco, you can enhance the overall experience of your holiday by visiting Kanniya hot springs in Trinco. Contact us and book your tour! 

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