Pidurangala rock

As a must-see site in Sri Lanka, the Sigiriya Rock Fortress may be stealing the show. Nonetheless, Pidurangala Rock, only 2.5 kilometers north of it, comes in second, perhaps providing even greater panoramic vistas than its counterpart!

It is a hidden treasure that is steadily gaining recognition due to a rising cult of Instagram influencers who have cemented the site’s status as one of the region’s most beautiful locations. Pidurangala Rock, on the other hand, has its own interesting history. 

History of Pidurangala

According to legend, after usurping the kingdom by committing patricide, King Kashyapa (477 to 495 AD) feared retribution from his brother, the legitimate successor. As a result, he went on the hunt for a safe place to construct his castle. The Buddhist monks inhabiting the cave complex at Sigiriya Rock have been moved to a new monastery in Pidurangala called “Uppalavanna Kashyapa Girri Viharaya,” constructed under his patronage. Another widely held notion is that the location was inhabited by monks seeking solitude long before King Kashyapa. Since the first and second century BC, its historical importance has ebbed and waned.

Hiking at Pidurangala

Because it is just slightly lower than Sigiriya Rock, Pidurangala Rock is the greatest viewing point for Sigiriya Rock. Pidurangala is a favorite dawn location because it provides 360-degree views of the lowlands and Sigiriya Rock.

It takes 20-40 minutes to climb to the summit of Pidurangala Rock, depending on your speed. It is a moderately challenging trek that may be completed by individuals of all ages and fitness levels. You’ll probably spend an hour at the summit, followed by a 15-minute hike back down.

View of the Sunrise from Pidurangala Rock

Once you reach the summit, you will get the greatest view of the dawn and Sigiriya Rock in the whole city of Sigiriya. Although the sun does not rise directly over the Sigiriya Rock, seeing the sunrise up the valley was a lovely way to start the day.