Peradeniya Botanical Garden

peradeniya botanical garden

Peradeniya Botanical Gardens for Romantic Holiday Escapes 

Located in Kandy’s suburb of Peradeniya, the impressive Peradeniya Botanical Garden dates back to 1371. Originally loved for the enjoyment of the Kandyan Princess, this magnificent garden is surrounded on three sides by a wide bend in the Mahaweli River. The home of the Kandyan ruler during the 18th century, at the beginning of the 1800s, the leafy green weave was one of the best botanical gardens of the British Empire. And during the Second World War, it was the Headquarters of the allied forces for the Asian zone.

Peradeniya Botanical Gardens as a Tourist Place in Kandy: Without a doubt, this is one of the best places to visit in Kandy. The gardens are home to over 4000 separate types of plants, known to be among the largest in Asia. The highlight is the impressive array of Orchid and the majestic line of palm trees. In addition to a variety of flowering plant species, there is also a wide array of medicinal plants and herbs that can be found around the gardens during your stroll. 

Consisting of over 60 hectares of exquisitely built lawns, pavilions, and plant-houses, the impressive collection of Sri Lankan, Asian and foreign flora is a fragrant, vibrant eye view. Beautiful roads continue to areas bursting in tropical colors and large lawns lined with massive trees. 

Booked in advance, you will arrange buggy carts from the Gardens and provide detailed botanical guides to support you on your visit to the park. They will express their insight and realistic awareness of the flora and fauna contained inside the greenhouse. A tour normally lasts between two and three hours.

There’s no such thing called the best time to visit Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, as Kandy is a year-round tourist city in Sri Lanka. 

Info That You Need to Know: Royal Botanic Gardens Peradeniya draws about 2 million local and international guests a year. The Department of the National Botanical Gardens of the Ministry of Agriculture and also the National Herbarium of Sri Lanka operate this royal garden. 

The Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya is in the “Ten Best Botanical Gardens from around World” released by The Guardian in 2018. Wide paver stones and wire arches lined with elegant climbing plants with difficult-to-pronounce names such as Beaumontia and Saritaea, mixed with the stunning lilac-blue Petraea, which are reported to have evolved more wonderfully than in the Kew gardens themselves. 

The National Herbarium of Sri Lanka – the leading institution for plant identification in Sri Lanka, is inside the Peradeniya Gardens. The main tasks of this institute are to explore species, to classify them, and to contain all the information, to record, and to revise floral resources in Sri Lanka.

The main entrance, River Drive, and avenues: The main gate opens up the River Walk, which leads you directly down to the wide circle and from there to the suspension bridge across the Mahaweli River. Flow passes through many avenues: Double Coconut Avenue, Cook’s Pine Street, Royal Palm Road, Palmyrah Palm Street, and Cabbage Palm Road.

This fabulous tourist attraction is perfect for family, group, and honeymoon holidays. If you visit majestic Kandy for a holiday, make sure you visit this beautiful garden. 

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