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Mirissa Beach for Guaranteed Whale & Dolphin Watching

Mirissa is the best destination for Whale Watching, making it a spectacular beach in Sri Lanka. Mirissa attracts wildlife lovers from all around the planet for holidays and expeditions. The chance of witnessing whales here is about 99%. Without a doubt, Mirissa is the best place to visit for a world-class whale watching experience. 

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Best time to visit: December-March & August to October

Famous for:

  • Whale watching- whale watching; it’s all about whale watching in Mirissa
  • The beach’s west side is perfect for watersports, such as surfing
  • Hire a boat and go fishing with the locals near the coral reef.
  • Ayurvedic massage and healing
  • Spot dolphins & turtles
  • A river safari is a must-include activity in your Mirissa holiday
  • Mirissa is ideal for swimming.

Mirissa is perhaps the number one destination in Sri Lanka for aquatic creatures.

The list of star-grade hotels in Mirissa Beach makes things even perfect for any holiday theme. Here, we have the BEST hotels in this remarkable beachy destination for you:

  • Beach Mirissa
  • Three Gables Boutique Villa
  • The Secret Guest House
  • Welcome Inn Mirissa
  • D Canal House
  • Bon Accord Mirissa
  • Villa Oceane
  • Coastal Villa Mirissa

Whale Watching in Mirissa Beach:

This is the absolute highlight of this superior beach destination. Did you know that Mirissa is on the world’s BEST whale watching destination list? There’s another bonus, which is wandering cute dolphins in Mirissa.

Many top travel services across the globe have rated Mirissa as the BEST place for whale watching.

OK, what else can you do in Mirissa? It’s a complete travel destination meaning you can do many other activities over there. We give you all of it in one para: the Secret Beach, The Doctor’s House, Parrot Rock, Chill on the beach, surfing, the Coconut Tree Spot. You can spend a whole day exploring these fabulous places and create lifetime memories.

Want to Visit Mirissa Beach?:

No matter your heart’s desire, whale watching, or chilling on the sandy beach, we can craft a tour package that fulfills your exact requirements. If you visit this gorgeous island for a perfect beach experience, we recommend Mirissa you. Contact us and book your tour today!

Mirissa Parrot Rock Sri Lanka
Parrot Rock Mirissa in Sri Lanka
Parrot Rock Sri Lanka

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