Baker's Falls Sri Lanka

Baker’s fall is located within the Horton Plains National Park of Sri Lanka and undoubtedly, it is one of the most picturesque waterfalls of the Nuwara Eliya region. Being one of the park’s main attractions, it is frequently visited by tourists throughout the year.

Originally known as ‘Gonagala Ella’, Baker’s falls got it’s current name after Sir Samuel Baker, a famed explorer and huntsman who discovered the waterfall in 1845. ‘Belihul Oya’ creates this 22 meter tall waterfall, which hurtles down over three elevations of smooth rock creating breathtaking scenery. Surrounding Rhododendron plants and Fern bushes and the sight of cascading falls itself makes Baker’s falls an ideal place to relax and take in Mother Nature’s beauty. Despite how lovely Baker’s Falls is, the plunge pool surrounding it is reputed to be a 12m deep death trap which took many lives in the past.

Baker’s falls can be reached through the circular trail trekking through Horton Plains from it’s entrance to World’s End.

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