The Pearl of the Indian Ocean is a wonderland, and Sri Lanka luxury holidays open the golden gate to that breathtaking haven. Sri Lanka, being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, can immerse you in an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. We offer luxury holiday packages in Sri Lanka made by local and international travel professionals at Overa Tours, and now is your time to book your favorite holiday package and explore Sri Lanka in opulent settings.

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon or a fun family holiday, these packages can accommodate all of your wishes while also speaking to your heart and inner longings.

Sri Lanka Honeymoon Travel Packages
Sri Lanka Honeymoon Travel Packages
Wildlife Safari Tours in Sri Lanka
Wildlife Safari Tours in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Adventure Tours
Sri Lanka Adventure Tours

How to plan luxury holidays in Sri Lanka?

If you want to discover Sri Lanka’s historical riches, natural marvels, and stunning beaches, and only the finest will do, Overa Tours is the business to entrust with your travel arrangements.

Overa Tours’ professional service is simply unrivaled. So, whether you’re searching for a simple yet tranquil 5-star beach vacation or an all-encompassing luxury private trip, we’ll be happy to provide first-rate guidance. Contact us now for more information.

Sri Lanka Tours on a Private Basis With your personal driver/guide, what could be better than taking in the sights of Sri Lanka’s breathtaking landscape? You can be certain that our private tour guides are well-versed in Sri Lanka and frequently have first-hand knowledge of the areas they’ll be seeing.

Discover Sri Lanka with our exclusive luxury holiday packages

Sri Lanka’s ancient name, Serendib, is derived from an Old English term for luck and serendipity. In addition, it has been referred to as the “Jewel of the Indian Ocean” from ancient times.

A heady combination of varied cultures, tropical vistas, and a thriving past, it is now one of Asia’s top tourist attractions. Marco Polo describes it as “the best island of its size in the world.” When you combine a world-class hotel with a Buddhist belief in the importance of peace, you have a formula for near perfection. We created our Sri Lanka luxury holidays to allow you to take advantage of these delights while relaxing in comfortable surroundings with your significant other or the entire family, and we hope you enjoy them!

In the Indian Ocean, this mango-shaped island is a fertile and lively country brimming with natural splendors, plentiful animals, delectable food, historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and storied cultural heritage. A tailor-made luxury holiday in Sri Lanka can include everything from a trip through Sri Lanka’s colonial Tea Country and its Cultural Triangle to its curvy golden beaches and its several national parks, which are home to some of Asia’s greatest birding and wildlife.

Explore Sri Lanka Culture
Explore Sri Lanka Culture
Central Highlands of Sri Lanka
Central Highlands of Sri Lanka
Mirissa Parrot Rock Sri Lanka
Explore South Coast Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka luxury holidays and special experiences

There are so many things to do in Sri Lanka that it would take an entire book to describe all there is to see and do. However, it is our mission to help you in deciding what you can do during your luxury holiday in Sri Lanka:

  • Pay a visit to Colombo, Sri Lanka’s artistic capital, where you may see local galleries and learn traditional skills.
  • While in Galle, go on a treasure hunt to learn about the history and mystery of Galle Fort, and then enjoy an elephant show or a Tuk Tuk polo match.
  • Explore Tea Country on foot, trekking from estate to estate, or take a bike or 4×4 tour of the region, stopping at aromatic tea plantations for exclusive factory tours before returning to a gorgeous plantation home to sleep.
  • Let a native guide take you on a 4×4 safari through Yala National Park, searching for leopards and sloth bears.
  • Plan your luxury Sri Lanka holiday to coincide with the midsummer gathering of elephant super-herds at Minneriya National Park, and you’ll have more opportunities for close encounters with animals.
  • For a different experience, keep an eye out for leviathans and set sail from Mirissa, where you can spend the night on a luxury catamaran with an experienced marine biologist to observe whales or go to Kalpitiya to dive with blue whales and dolphins.
  • You can catch the dawn from the top of Adam’s Peak.
  • Embark on a helicopter tour to see the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and archaeological sites of the Cultural Triangle, or float silently over ancient Sigiriya on a hot-air balloon ride.
  • Visit Kandy for the unique, annual Perahera celebration, where you may marvel at the fire-eaters, dancers, and decked elephants that take part in the festivities.
  • Learn about ancient traditions from Sri Lanka’s indigenous people, the Veddas, during a tour with a local chief or shaman before participating in tribal dance and music festivals.
  • Spend some time away from it all at a mindfulness retreat, where you may relax with Ayurvedic spa treatments or learn the fundamentals of yoga from a master.
  • Spend time with the family or commemorate a significant birthday or anniversary in a spacious private beach home before taking a boat out to a remote cove for sunset cocktails before a beautiful private dinner.
  • While a skilled chef demonstrates the techniques of cooking with spices, you’ll learn about Sri Lankan cuisine and how to prepare local favorites.
  • In Sri Lanka, there are hundreds of areas where you can try out exciting water sports.

As you can see, Sri Lanka’s luxury holidays cater to a wide range of tastes. Moreover, we can incorporate these wonderful places to visit and activities in our luxurious Sri Lanka package holidays, which is a huge plus for our customers.

Luxury hotels in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka luxury holidays use the country’s most prestigious luxury hotels to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Sri Lanka has several luxurious hotels. With a selection of alternatives ranging from famous heritage hotels that radiate a timeless elegance to contemporary resorts with opulent spas and top-of-the-range amenities, our knowledgeable travel experts will guide you through the process and help you choose the ideal option for you.

Here’s a list of the best hotels in Sri Lanka for luxury holidays:

  • Ceylon Tea Trails
  • Goatfell
  • Kahanda Kanda
  • Jetwing Vil Uyana
  • Camellia Hills
  • Kumu Beach
  • Santani
  • Ulagalla
  • Kandy House
  • Nine Skies
  • Cape Weligama
  • The Long House

Book your Sri Lanka luxury holiday package today!

Naturally, your heart is racing with excitement. Who wouldn’t want to travel to a wonderful island and spend the most memorable days of their lives in opulent surroundings? Overa Tours is the best choice for anyone looking for a luxury holiday in Sri Lanka. Our packages are lavish, but we also maintain our prices within an acceptable range for our customers. Get in touch with us and book your holiday package right now.