The only way to observe elephants on every game drive is to stay at Udawalawe safari camping. Because of its large number of Sri Lankan elephants, the Udawalawe National Park is the only area where visitors can expect to see elephants during every safari drive. This wildlife area is home to a significant population of Sri Lankan elephants, with estimates ranging from 600 to 700 animals. So, it’s no surprise that wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world choose Udawalawe national park camping. 

Safari Camping in Udawalawe Park
Safari Camping in Udawalawe National Park
Camping in Udawalawe National Park - Big Game
Camping in Udawalawe National Park
Wildlife Safari Tours in Sri Lanka
Wildlife Safari Tours in Sri Lanka

Udawalawe safari camping location

Udawalawe National Park offers a lot to see in a short amount of time. As a result, while making lodging arrangements for your trip to Udawalawe Safari Camping, consider choices that don’t need as much travel. Tented safari camps in the Big Game Safari camping area are just a 25-minute drive from the park’s entrance and less than 200 meters from its limits. The campgrounds are located in a semi-wilderness environment with a lake frequented by wild elephants.

Udawalawe national park camping wildlife experience

This national park is well-known for its elephants, but there are countless other reasons to go there. There is a wide variety of wildlife to observe during a safari drive, including some very magnificent creatures. Among the other animals that may be found in the park are the endangered Toque Macaque and Spotted Deer, Monitor Lizards, Sambar Deer, and Wild Boar. There have been reports of the Sri Lankan Leopard in this area, but these sightings are infrequent compared to Yala National Park.