Gal viharaya in Sri Lanka is definitely on the ultimate Asian bucket list. The four Buddha statues of Gal Viharaya are the most beautiful stone statues in Sri Lanka. The place was originally called “Uttararama” (Northern Monastery). All Galviharaya statues are finely carved onto a single rock face, which creates a breathtaking effect. The attention to detail by the stonemason show unsurpassed skill. The human form carved out is made realistic by robe that flows naturally, head pressing down on a pillow, under robe following the outer robe seam and universal emotion.

The Samadhi Statue (Meditating Buddha Statue
The Samadhi Statue (Meditating Buddha) Statue - Anceint City of Polonnaruwa
The Maha Karuna Statue
The Maha Karuna Statue - Rock Temple , UNESCO World Heritage Site Of Polonnaruwa
The Parinirvana Statue
The Parinirvana Statue - Rock Temple in Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka