Among the most famous attractions in Negombo, this lagoon includes the popular Muthurajawela marsh located in its southern area. The lagoon has a close connection with the famous fishing industry in Negombo, with fishing taking place all through the year and using 22 fishing methods, 13 of which are entirely conventional. The land here largely supports agricultural production and forest management and is therefore surrounded by coconut estates, paddy fields, and vegetation. Prawns and lagoon crabs captured here are in high demand and are considered to be highly tasty.


What You Will See

  • Birds
  • Mangroves
  • Land monitors
  • People how they catching Prawns and Fishes
  • Sometimes you can see Crocodiles
  • Monkeys 
  • Water monitors 

Negombo Lagoon Tour Introduction: Come with us to enjoy the natural features of the Lagoon of Negombo. Our welcoming and the trained crew welcomes you to a special sailing experience in the calm waters of one of the main coastal lagoons in Sri Lanka. Break free the sights and sounds of the town of Negombo as we carry you on an exotic trip in a fishing boat. 

From the handy dock on the famous Hamilton Canal, we travel a short distance through the center of the old town of Negombo before reaching the lagoon. Did you know that Negombo Lagoon tours & boat trips are among the best things to do in Negombo? You’ll get a near glimpse at the coastal fishing life when we drive by the fish markets and dozens of fishing vessels in all sizes – from little lagoon canoes to massive ocean trawlers. 

Our English-speaking guide will share tales about our rural culture and describe the natural world as we float through the mountains of coconut trees, mangrove forests, all kinds of birds, and sea life. You will love the beautiful nature of the Negombo lagoon and unwind as you enjoy the amazing views of peaceful and calm waters.

Why Should You Book Negombo Lagoon Tours? 

  • Negombo is best known for its beach and the lagoon – the shoreline for its water activities and the lagoon for a memorable boat ride. The surfing possibilities and the fishing opportunity of the lagoon attract the tourists’ interest to the town of Negombo. 
  • We provide this chance to enjoy a personalized boat trip in the lagoon. Lovely boat trips in the lagoon deliver beautiful fishing spots, bird watching, and spectacular scenery. 
  • Some of the visitors find these cruise trips the top of their list of adventures. This is precisely why the eco-tourism value of the Negombo Lagoon will soon become as widely known as the Yala tourism for tourists to Sri Lanka. Boat trips are organized both in the morning and in the evening. 
  • We arrange these trips with the proper care of our clients, with the best travel, health, and comfort of our visitors, and with good and well-qualified guides. Including birds to crocodiles, you can see several of the animals during such cruise trips. 
  • Some beach resorts in Negombo provide the best luxury experience for travelers looking for lodging and tour guides in the area. All in all, Negombo lagoon boat safaris and tours are a perfect choice for adventurous travel lovers and bird watchers.   

Typical Negombo Lagoon Boat Trip: Before the lagoon tour, we can take you to visit the busy Negombo fish market called “Lellama” and watch the boats come back with crabs, fresh fish, lobster, cabbage, and squid. You can also purchase your own choice of fish to incorporate in the Grilled Seafood Lunch.  

The lagoon has a vast mangrove marsh and a friendly boat or a catamaran ride will encourage you to see some of the unusual species of plants and animals in the region, like water birds such as terns, herons, cormorants, and shorebirds. 

You’ll be escorted to the restaurant for lunch, where you can either watch the Chef/Cook preparing the Grilled Seafood for you or allow him to cook the fish you’ve ordered! Then you will taste the delicious Grilled Seafood. After lunch, you’ll take out for an exciting boat trip and head back to the hotel or your preferred destination. 

For a soul-satisfying Negombo lagoon boat ride or tours, contact Overa Tours today.