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Udawalawe National Park Safari For Fascinating Wildlife Expeditions

Udawalawe National Park Safari is one of the best wildlife safari choices on the planet for witnessing magnificent mammals, birds, reptiles, and many other animal species. The name Udawalawe is famous for the higher density of endemic animal species living in healthy settings. One of the best places on the island to witness the jumbos of the jungle, the enthralling elephant. The forest settings of the park is a collection of grassland and bush forest, making safari and tours more convenient and accessible for jeeps. You can get remarkably closer to your favorite animal here, and we guarantee it. We do Udawalawe safari tours in perfect style for local and international travelers. 

There’s not a single negative trait to mention regarding the Udawalawe National Park Safari; it is perfect in all terms. As a dedicated forest area for the gorgeous animal kingdom, this national park has done a fabulous job in protecting the animals and helping them breed and thrive to grow in numbers. Wild elephants, deer, birds, and wild buffalos wandering all over are pretty common sights here. In terms of wildlife elephant numbers living in a smaller land area, Udawalawe even supersedes African national parks. Why travel to Africa to enjoy iconic elephants in large numbers, Udawalawe safari tours are a better choice. 

Udawalawe National Park & Safari Facts: Not only in Sri Lanka, but Udawalawe is also perhaps the best destination for wild elephant safaris in Asia. Other fascinating animals available in abundance are the real bonuses you can enjoy here. Many natural water resources, such as ponds, are there within the whole park’s region, and animals and birds gather around those in large numbers. We hold the safari jeep closer to one of the water ponds, and you enjoy fascinating animals better. Udawalawe National Park Safari is famous for revealing the behavior of animals. The features of the national park, including open regions, let travelers explore animals and birds in more open settings. There can’t be any other better places to enjoy animals in their natural habitat than Udawalawe. 

The park is about 250 kilometers from Colombo. Don’t worry about traveling; Overa Tours arranges and manages everything for you. 

Animals In The Udawalawe Park: Of course, the majestic elephants are the highlight here. Crocodiles, buffalos, monkeys, and peacocks also live in the region in large numbers. A staggering number of 200-400 individuals make up the elephant herd in the park. Udawalawe safari is renowned for guaranteed animal sightings. It is 100% safe to say that you will undoubtedly come across elephants here. At least 30-40 individual elephant sights will make your safari a perfect wildlife experience. 

Udawalawe National Park Safari Choices: We offer a broad range of safari tours in Udawalawe; you can choose one from those for a memorable wildlife holiday in Sri Lanka. Upon receiving all your distinct requirements, we are more than happy to offer you a 100% tailor-made safari tour. There’s so much to learn in this wonderful national park. We can arrange a guided tour, which is the best choice to learn about the park and its first-class elements in detail. Any Udawalawe Safari can satisfy your mind and soul through hundreds of nature’s miracles. Every safari package in this national park is unique; feel free to choose and book your preference. 

The Best Time To Visit Udawalawe Park: This is a year-long animal sanctuary. September to October is superior for wildlife safaris as the water levels in the region go down to a minimum. Animals gather in large numbers around the remaining water ponds during this time of the year, opening doors for you to witness captivating creatures in vast numbers. October to January is also a sound time for Udawalawe safari tours. 

Things To Do At Udawalawe: Other than feeling the magnificence of the captivating animal kingdom, a few other activities are there to try:

1) Visit the elephant transit home.

2) Wildlife camping in Udawalawe.

3) The elephant train in the national park. 

Udawalawe national park safari is remarkable for lifetime memories in a tropical holiday paradise. 

Visit Udawalawe With Overa Tours: We are Sri Lanka safari, holiday, and tour experts. Our knowledge of Sri Lanka is what makes us unique; we know the best times and best places in Udawalawe for maximum anima, sightings. Udawalawe safaris are perfect for adventure, wildlife lovers, families, groups, and honeymoon couples. For newly-weds, we can arrange romantic nighttime camping in Udawalawe. It is the perfect way to enjoy intimate times in wilderness settings. Contact us today for more information. 

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Safari Information

Udawalawe National Park Opening and Closing Times – 6.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m

Udawalawe Safari Duration – 3-4 hours (Extended safaris, full day safaris, and birdwatching safaris can be arranged.)

Major eco-systems inside Udawalawe National Park

  • Dry Mixed Evergreen Forest
  • Riverine Forest
  • Scrubland
  • Grassland
  • Walawe River
  • Udawalawe and Mau Aru Lakebed
  • Abandoned Eucalyptus and Teak plantations

Area in Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe National Park Total Area – 30,821 hectares

Other informations about Udawalawe National Park

Status – National Park, Important Bird Area (IBA), Catchment area for Udawalawe reservoir

Altitude – 100 metres to 373 metres

Annual Rainfall – 1500 mm

Average annual temperature – 280C

Closest Towns – Udawalawe, Embilipitiya, Thanamalvila

Nearest Hospital – Embilipitiya General Hospital

Access Roads to Udawalawe National Park

  1. Colombo to Udawalawe via Ratnapura (160 km)
  2. Galle to Udawalawe via Embilipitiya (125 km)
  3. Nuwara eliya to Udawalawe via Ella (155 km)
  4. Tissamaharama to Udawalawe (74 km)
  5. Tangalle to Udawalawe (63 km)

Major Attractions of Udawalawe Safari – Sri Lankan Elephant, Fresh water crocodiles, Bird watching, Tufted grey langurs

Best time to visit Udawalawe National Park – October to April

Useful Tips for Udawalawe Safari Drive

  • It is best to start early or late in to the afternoon when the animals come out of the shade.
  • It will be a bumpy ride.
  • Udawalawe can get busy sometimes. You can ask your tracker to avoid the crowds if necessary.
  • Take enough bottled water. Don’t forget to stay hydrated.
  • Take care of yourself and others. Never get out of your safari jeep unless permitted by your tracker. Do not feed the animals inside the park. There are records of wild elephant attacks when safari jeeps got too close. Always remember that you are in the wild.