So, you want to go snorkeling in the Maldives and have the best time possible? The following are some of the finest snorkeling locations in the Maldives.

  • Manta Point, Lankanfinolhu Island
  • Banana Reef, Kuda Kalhi
  • HP Reef, Malé Atoll
Manta Point, Lankanfinolhu Island

Manta Point, Lankanfinolhu

snorkeling in Banana Reef, Kuda Kalhi

Banana Reef, Kuda Kalhi

snorkeling in maldives HP Reef, Malé Atoll

HP Reef, Malé Atoll

  1. 1. Snorkeling in Maldives – Manta Point, Lankanfinolhu Island

    This is a snorkeler’s dream come true. This reef will expose you to the majestic Manta Rays and provide you with a unique underwater experience. Some people are even blessed with the opportunity to have a ray swim up to them and say “Hello”! Snorkeling in the Maldives can’t get any better. 

    • Location: Off the coast of Baros Island
    • Best time to snorkel: May to November

    2. Banana Reef, Kuda Kalhi

    There are various colorful fish, corals, and other marine life to see and swim with on the reef. You may see the Palette Surgeonfish (Finding Nemo’s “Dory”) among other interesting creatures. In contrast, there are various fish species such as the bannerfish and ray, the black snapper and shark, and the giant squirrel and oriental sweetlips.

    • Location: North of the Male Atoll inside Kuda Kalhi
    • Best time to snorkel: Late May to July

    3. HP Reef, Malé Atoll

    On the HP Reef, you may find a wide variety of small reef fish and large aquatic species like grey reef sharks, eagle rays, tuna, and barracudas, among others. Along with the fish and other sea life found here, you’ll be mesmerized by the reef’s vibrant soft corals, which have earned it the nickname “Rainbow Reef.” If you are looking for a memorable snorkeling experience in Maldives, you must do it over here. 

    • Location: North Male Atoll
    • Best time to snorkel: December to April

    Snorkeling in Maldives FAQs 

    1. What’s the best time for snorkeling in Maldives? 

    January through April are the best months. 

    1. What are the best places for snorkeling in Maldives?

     Lankanfinolhu Island,  Kuda Kalhi, and Malé Atoll are the best places.

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