Seaplane Tours in Maldives for Ultimate Excitement

Why are seaplane tours in the Maldives a must-do? That’s because most visitors come to the Maldives to relax on the sugar-soft beaches and cool down in the warm Indian Ocean. But seeing the islands from above is a must-do while you’re here. Countless small islands dot the landscape, and brilliant palm-fringed terrain rises majestically from the blue sea in every direction.

Seaplane Tours in the Maldives Experience

Trans Maldivian Airways’ seaplanes provide the finest vantage points for taking in the breathtaking scenery. Because many resorts are only reachable by plane, many guests’ vacation packages include a trip. For those who don’t, splurging on a private trip to an isolated, lonely island or a 15-minute flyover to take pictures is well worth it.

A Maldives seaplane tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the islands, sandbars, and lagoons from the air. In this way, tourists may get a new perspective on popular sites like Hulhumale and Male Islands in the Maldives.

Who Operates Seaplane Tours in the Maldives? 

In the Maldives, two major companies provide this exhilarating experience: Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) and Maldivian Air Taxi (MAT). Flights last about 20 minutes but may be extended upon request.

A seaplane trip over the Maldives may accommodate up to 18 passengers at a time. All flights depart and arrive throughout the day. Prior booking is required for charter flights such as sightseeing, whale shark sightings, and honeymooners.

Seaplane Tours in the Maldives FAQs

1. How much does a seaplane cost in the Maldives?

Each hotel sets its own rates, but you can expect to pay somewhere between $270 and $450 per person for the seaplane transport (roundtrip). Near Velana International Airport, most premium resorts charge $900 per person for both directions.