Sri Lanka is the home for a staggering number of world-famous paradisiac travel destinations. Out of those breath-taking travel sites, Kithulgala is so special. Well, we don’t just say it; we prove it today.

A small town in one of the wettest regions on the island or the jewel of the Indian Ocean. The Kelani River is one prime resource of it. However, Kithulgala is not only for exciting adventure water sports, but it also has other priceless elements, such as a rainforest, trekking trails, wildlife, birdlife, a fascinating village, and many more. So many features and resources for the perfect holiday within one of the most beautiful and serene villages in Sri Lanka; that is Kithulgala.

Things To Do In Kithulgala: Apart from world-class White Water Rafting, this enchanting travel destination has many things to explore and try, making it an absolute destination for adventure, hiking/trekking, forest expedition, bird watching, wildlife, camping, cycling tours, culture/discovery, and sight-seeing holidays in Sri Lanka.

* The Forest Reserve & Bird Watching: Even the journey to the Kithulgala’s forest reserve is not an ordinary one. Indeed, it is an exciting boat trip across the Kelani River. The forest reserve is rich in untouched flora & quite many inherent faunae and is one of Sri Lanka’s top birdwatching destinations. This is an astonishing destination for camping in Sri Lanka as well.

* Kithulgala For Cultural Tours In Sri Lanka: As we said at the beginning, this small town is a multi-theme holiday destination on the island. Kithulgala’s top cultural and discovery sites include:

1) Belilena: One of the country’s largest and well-known caves known for prehistoric ruins, including skeletal remains of ten individuals.

2) The Beautiful Village Walks: This small town is an isolated village. And the village is so enchanting and serene and full of lush vegetation and jaw-dropping sceneries. You can witness and enjoy the rural village life of Sri Lanka here.


* Picturesque Water Falls: Olu Ella Falls and Aberdeen Falls. Many more sublime waterfalls are near the Kithulgala town. These waterfalls make Kithulgala a perfect choice for adventure holidays in Sri Lanka. You can try the waterfall abseiling and hiking over here.

A quick tip: Kithulgala is one of the wettest spots on the planet. February April is the best time for holidays in Kithulgala, the dry months.

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