Kalutara is one of the most popular seasides on the western coast of Sri Lanka, and a significant number of Sri Lankan beach resorts are in place on the stunning beaches of Kalutara. There is a great demand for Sri Lankan expeditions from Kalutara, particularly from the tourists who spend their vacations in the beach hotels and resorts. Kalutara tours combined with other travel towns in Sri Lanka can give you a perfect tropical holiday.      

Kalutara is one of the most historically significant cities on the island and one of the largest cities on the western coast of Sri Lanka. Kalutara’s legacy i.e. pre-Christian era, and therefore its name is noted in ancient chronicles such as Mahavamsa. Kalutara is full of beautiful places that come under historical, environmental, and contemporary conditions to attract travelers on their trip to Sri Lanka. 

Essences of Kalutara Tours – Places to Visit in Kalutara

Here’s a Quick List of TOP Kalutara Tourist Attractions:

  • Kalutara Bodhiya
  • Thudugala Ella Waterfall
  • West Coast Tattoo Studio
  • Richmond Castle
  • Kalutara Beach
  • Fa Hien Caves
  • Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple
  • Bodhinagala Forest Hermitage
  • Holy Cross Church Kalutara
  • Ranjith’s Carving and Batik Museum

Kalutara is a little bit of a southern port town in Sri Lanka; a city that has experienced a lot of transition and facial upheaval since the British and Dutch and Portuguese first bulwarked it in the colonial years. Today, this town enjoys making the most of its fortuitous location on the stunning, sun-drenched south-west coast of the island, and many tourists head for the beaches that line the route north and south out of town, from either the spit of Kalapuwa to the palm-shaded hotels of Waskaduwa. But apart from the rollers of the Indian Ocean, Kalutara tour guides often point out the absolutely brilliant dome of the Kalutara Bodhiya, which marks the location of a sacred grove believed to be from the Mahabodhi Tree of Bodh Gaya, wherein Lord Buddha attained Nirvana. 

Here are the famed Fa Hien Caves, nestled between the forest boughs and the roaring waterfalls of the Kalutara region, and host to some of the most impressive archeological discoveries in the world. Within a day, you can visit all these top tourist attractions in Kalutara. 

Kalutara Bodhiya: A sacred worship site of the Buddhism faith, Kalutara Bodhiya is a must-visit spot for Buddhists to visit at least once in a lifetime. Buddhists from all over the world worship this sacred spot to be part of daily rituals upon their arrival. 

They continue to praise this place alongside their participation in the offerings at Kalutara Bodhiya or Bodhi Tree, which are thought to have existed since about the 2nd century BC. It is among the 32 Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi saplings, as per the Buddhist belief. That’s why it’s still a sacred spot where the Kalutara Vihara Buddhist Temple and the famous Kalutara Chaitya Stupa nearby holy fig transform this position into a spot venerated for tourists. It’s safe to say that the Kalutara Bodhiya and Temple are the top tourist attractions in Kalutara that you will witness during your Kalutara tour. 

Kalutara Beach: Sri Lanka is renowned for its magnificent beaches. Kalutara Beach is on the list of the very best beaches in the country. As it is situated at a distance of just 40 kilometers from the capital city of Colombo, tourists can easily reach Kalutara. 

This stretch of beach is already full of visitors who love it in their spare time. Scenic views of this beach in the north or Mahawaskaduwa is more attractive than Katukurunda in the south. Since this beach is still not so polluted, it remains a famous destination for visitors to take part in enjoyable activities. The beach is one of the prime tourist attractions in Kalutara. You must visit the beach during your Kalutara tour. 

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Alright, all the tourist attractions mentioned are also must-visit places in Kalutara. Make sure you visit it all.