If you’re hoping for a raw and genuine travel experience, Jaffna is a true travel destination, and it’s a must in any Sri Lankan itinerary, particularly for everyone with an amazing personality.  We hope you will find this Jaffna Travel Guide helpful, and it lets you schedule your stay in this historical city as well as gives you some suggestions on what to do in Jaffna.

What we cover here for you: 

  • Best Places and Remarkable Tourist Attractions in Jaffna
  • Enthralling Things to do in Jaffna for a Perfect Holiday
  • How to Get from Airport to Jaffna?
  • How Many Days to Spend in Jaffna?
  • A list of the BEST Hotels and Resorts in Jaffna
  • What is the Best Time to Visit Jaffna?

How to Get from Airport to Jaffna?

Driving to Jaffna is a bit of an endeavor, but it’s certainly worth it. You should fly by bus or rail, based on where you’re headed. Or if you choose to drive in style, you should employ a driver as an option to ride around.

Getting to Jaffna from Colombo is a really long trip – more than 8 hours possibly. You would want to think about splitting the trip and staying in Anuradhapura for a day to make things more realistic. Other than that, Anuradhapura is a wonderful place to visit if you’re curious about Sri Lankan history.

How Many Days to Spend in Jaffna?

Four days will be a reasonable period, much of it will be spent out of town enjoying the islands, the ocean, Point Pedro, etc. The city of Jaffna was mostly physically unaffected by war and is a fascinating destination to cycle.

Best Hotels and Resorts in Jaffna

  • The Thinnai
  • Jetwing Jaffna
  • Fox Resorts Jaffna
  • North Gate By Jetwing
  • Senthil Complex
  • D’ Villa Garden House
  • Valampuri Hotel

What is the Best Time to Visit Jaffna?

The mean temperature in Jaffna changes very little. Taking into consideration the humidity, temperatures feel high all year long, with a minimal probability of precipitation much of the year. The region is less hot and dry than others – the 19th percentile for good weather – relative to tourist attractions across the world.

August is the peak month for the tourist industry in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, preceded by January and February. Hotel and flight costs would be the most costly throughout these months, but you can save if you buy well in advance. It is unlikely that tourists will visit Jaffna in May. Many willing to travel at this time are likely to find it the least costly month.

Summer (June to August) 

Mid-year months with hot weather and hot temperatures that are very warm. Such months show the least precipitation of 0 to 3 days of precipitation per month. June – August is the busiest tourist season in Jaffna, so hotels and other amenities will cost more than normal.

Fall (September to November) 

The regular highs drop vary from 89.9 ° F (32.2 ° C) to 83.8 ° F (28.8 ° C) and, with the humidity and breeze, would sound really good. There is a decent volume of rain or snow: 4 to 15 days a month. Tourism is generally sluggish throughout these months due to the season, so hotels could be cheaper.

December to February

The weather is ideal for warm weather tourists this time of year in Jaffna. The mean maximum throughout that season is between 89° F (31.7° C) and 82.9 ° F (28.3 ° C). On average, there is a decent amount of rain or snow: 1 to 12 days a month. These periods of the year are the second most busy with visitors.

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