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Scuba Diving around Unawatuna

Unawatuna coral reef is a perfect beginner dive site. A number of shipwrecks (led by the famous SS Rangoon) attracts many AOW divers as well. SS Rangoon shipwreck (32m) is the highlight of scuba diving at Unawatuna. Visibility is excellent during the season from November to April. Popular dive sites and their depths at Unawatuna are listed below.

  • SS Rangoon Shipwreck (30m-32m)
  • Lord Nelson Shipwreck (8m-15m)
  • Galle Cannon Shipwreck (8m-15m)
  • SS Oreste Shipwreck (18m-22m)
  • Rala Gala Shipwreck (10m-15m)
  • Goda Kupatha (8m-15m)
  • Diyamba Kupatha (25m-30m)
  • Goda Gala Diyamba (8m-15m)
  • Delwaniya Gala Diyamba (8m-12m)
  • Aluth Gal Mattha (25m-30m)
  • Aluth Gala (20m-25m)
  • Gala Pita Gala (15m-20m)
  • Talpe reef (8m-15m)
  • Wreck reef (12m-17m)

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