It should come as no surprise that surfing in Ahangama is top-notch. Weligama, a beginner’s paradise, and Midigama, a glassy reef break, are nearby this little hamlet.

In between Weligama and Unawatuna, Ahangama serves as a vital link. Their sheltered beach breaks are the two best places to learn to surf on the island.

What can you expect to find in this Ahangama surf guide?

  • An introduction to surfing in Ahangama
  • Where is Ahangama?
  • The best surf spots in Ahangama
  • When to surf in Ahangama
  • Surf shops in Ahangama
  • How to get to Ahangama

An introduction to Ahangama surfing

Ahangama is a link that connects Weligama and Unawatuna. They’re both classic sites on the island, and both are great for beginners because of the sheltered beach breaks. Surfing in Ahangama offers something unique. Learners will like the sandy bottoms of the waves. On the other hand, Intermediates and professionals will have a blast exploring the craggy points and jagged reefs that make up the coastline.

In Ahangama, a select few sites are the real stars. The first is Kabalana’s future beach. Because its central location accommodates people at both ends of the ability spectrum and offers two unique breaks. Then there’s the notoriously difficult Ratith reef, a true peeler. When it’s at its peak, riders can expect rides of around 400 meters, and the spot has even hosted local Sri Lankan surf contests in the past.

When planning a vacation to Ahangama, be sure to look into the quality of the surf camps first. In our opinion, they are the greatest, most entertaining, and most welcoming on the island. In addition, it’s a breeze to leave here in quest of nearby peaks in Midigama, Weligama, Unawatuna, or even over the Matara Way in search of more challenging terrain. If you ask the tuk-tuk drivers in the area, they will gladly strap the surfboard to the top of their cabs for you.

Where is Ahangama?

Between Midigama and Unawatuna, the district of Ahangama meets the Sri Lankan shore. South of Galle, in the Southern Province, is where you’ll find it. The Matara coast highway is the primary artery connecting Ahangama’s several surf spots. Colombo, the country’s capital, is a short drive away to the north. It’s also an option to take a train to Galle, where you may then transfer to an autorickshaw to take you to your final destination.

A guide to Ahangama surf spots

The coastline of Ahangama is a gorgeous one, with a lot of tropical beauty. There are a plethora of surf spots along the palm-fringed coastline. To cover the whole area, we’ll begin in the north and work our way south. When you’ve had your fill of Ahangama’s breaks, be sure to check out some of the others in the area. So, let’s get to the best spots for surfing in Ahangama now:

Best Surfing Locations in Ahagama Sri Lanka
Midigama - Best Surfing Locations in Ahagama Sri Lanka
Surf Ahangama in Sri Lanka
Surfing Ahangama in Sri Lanka
Surfing in Ahangama
Ahangama - Best Surfing Location in South Coast of Sri Lanka

Unawatuna for surfing in Ahangama

Even though Unawatuna has a reef break, the quality of the reefs at Midigama, which is nearer Ahangama, much outweighs that of Unawatuna. The best time to go is when the swell is high, and there are beginner breaks nearby. They’re available at Dewata Beach, where you’ll find several top-notch surf schools serving the area.


The primary problem with this nice reef break is its unpredictability. It can’t get going without a big S swell, and it’ll have major problems if the wind shifts to the north or crosses the beach to the west. Avoid the wind in the early morning to enjoy some good 50-100m rides. Urchins are by far the greatest threat.

The Beach in Koggala

Nothing about Koggala Beach is hollow or hard; it’s one of the province’s least consistent beaches. On the plus side, however, this is one of those breaks with a sand bottom that performs well in chest-high southerly surf. It also works well with a northerly offshore breeze. People in the neighborhood name it South Beach.

The Koggala Left for Ahangama surf is another option in addition to South Beach. The two should not be mixed together. A more difficult reef has cliffs that rise high and break over the coral, making it a difficult dive.

Sticks Break for surfing in Ahangama

Even though it’s not well-known, this unpredictable break may provide some fun short-boarding when it works. Because it crosses a very small reef and is a quick ride, it’s not recommended for novices. The left side is typically used. Best suited to winds from the north or north-northeast.


Due to the lengthy queues at Weligama’s home break during the peak season, the nearby Kabalana surf break has become a popular stop for Weligama surf schools. A lovely, gentle shore break wave comes in off the beach and sets up shop. For this reason, it’s only suitable for beginning surfers. On the other hand, on occasion, it may pick up some great waves.

However, if you’re a serious surfer, that’s not the primary reason to visit. At Kabalana Surf Point, the ideal A-frame has earned this distinction. There are few waves in the world as heavy and quick as this one. It can be ridden both ways and blast short boarders who like to go off the lip and churn the shoulder.


Aside from Kabalana points, Rajith is the greatest reef break in Ahangama for surfing competitions. Peeling A-frame for intermediates and above, featuring lengthy rides and a rippable shoulder. Floats across coral reefs and breaks the surface. On the other hand, shorter days are more leisurely. When the moon is full, the slopes are steeper and quicker.


The Midigama surf locations are all grouped under the Midigama moniker. They run from the mouth of the Ahangama River to Weligama Bay’s edge. There’s the famed right at Ram’s – a hollow and lightning-fast pro’s break – and Coconuts – a fantastic, deep-reef right in a rocky bay. (Except for Ram’s) We believe this is an excellent hunting field for developing intermediates.


Weligama offers a ton of opportunities for beginners to get their feet wet. It’s probably the best site in Sri Lanka to learn to surf at this beach break since it’s located in a large harbor with protection on both sides. From the Ahangama surf hostels, a 15-20 minute tuk-tuk ride will get you here. The most popular location is in the center of the bay, next to the dreadful Marriott hotel. The waves are strong but also soft, making them ideal for learning. If you’re looking for something bigger, the secondary swell is a fantastic kook fest on certain days. Be forewarned: It may become quite crowded.

When to surf in Ahangama

The town of Ahangama is located in Sri Lanka’s southernmost province. As a result, there are two distinct surfing seasons. In other words, one surfing season is worth its weight in gold.

Wet season (May to October)

Springtime in this part of Sri Lanka brings the Southwest Monsoon, which brings heavy rains and storm surges that may wreck the reef breaks in Ahangama. Aside from the swells, the weather has been dismal. There is a solid reason why surf camps are less expensive than other options. Overall, the Ahangama surf conditions are unfavorable at this time of year.

Dry season (November to April)

If you can, go during the dry season to catch the greatest Ahangama waves. As November approaches, the rain begins to lessen. Similarly, ocean storms create regular southern waves with broad interstices. By the end of the year, everything had moved along well. Larger waves often accompany the onset of the dry season. It is, nevertheless, very constant throughout the piece.

Surf shops in Ahangama

There are many surf shops in Ahangama. Rash vests, wax, and leashes are all readily available. Never rely on minor, local businesses to provide you with your surfboards and other equipment.

Soul & Surf – Kit

Soul & Surf in Ahangama is a great small shop that’s an official distributor for well-known, high-quality brands like Finisterre and Salt Gypsy. As well as in Kerala, they operate stores throughout India and Portugal. Fantastic products made by wonderful people.

Sion Surf Shop

The Sion Surf Shop provides a wide selection of boards, eco sunscreens, and other environmentally friendly products in addition to great cuisine. Make a point of stopping by.

And that’s the end of the ultimate guide to Ahangama surf. Plan Your Surf Tour with us

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