In terms of activities to do and see in Mirissa, Sri Lanka, Parrot Rock Mirissa ranks quite high. Parrot Rock is a small rock island under 50 feet from the beach, located to the left of the Mirissa Beach entrance.

You can reach Parrot Rock Mirissa in only a few minutes and enjoy magnificent views of the ocean that extend well beyond the rocky ledge. It’s a secluded vantage point from where you may get a magnificent overview of Mirissa Beach.

How to Get to Parrot Rock Mirissa?

Once you get to Mirissa Beach, it’s impossible to miss. You’ll notice a rock island approximately 50 feet off the Mirissa Beach coastline to the left of the entrance (when looking out into the ocean).

It’s a bit difficult to get to the island since you have to cross water, and the water may be up to your waist depending on the tide and time of day. Either way, you’re going to get soaked. To go to Parrot Rock Mirissa, you must first cross across the sea. Once there, you will find a stairway that will take you to the top, where you will get an amazing view over Mirissa beach and the coconut tree hill to your left.

The Best Time to Visit Parrot Rock Mirissa

The ideal times to see Parrot Rock Mirissa are probably around dawn and sunset, although it is possible to visit at any time of the day. Many individuals choose to go after dusk or after dark. At dawn, the rock will be empty, so that can be your plan. So, arrive at around 5:30 a.m. since dawn in Sri Lanka is around 6 a.m. 

What Should You Be Aware Of?

Bring a waterproof bag and a swimming suit if you plan on crossing the water. If you don’t have a backpack, you’ll have to lug your belongings about by holding them over your head. There’s grass at the top of Parrot Rock Mirissa where you can rest and have a picnic if you want. There isn’t much to do except take in the views. It’s a good location to get away from the congestion early in the morning and late in the day. However, just before sunset, it may become very busy.

The view from Parrot Rock Mirissa is spectacular, and it’s a wonderful spot for taking photos. If you’re in the area, don’t miss Mirissa Beach! Also, while you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop at Coconut Tree Hill, which is just 10 minutes away. Both attractions are readily accessible on the same day.

Where to Stay?

It’s just a 10-minute tuk-tuk ride to the Spindrift Hostel, one of the finest on the South Coast in Weligama!

Mirissa Parrot Rock Sri Lanka
Parrot Rock Mirissa in Sri Lanka
Parrot Rock Sri Lanka

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