Submarine Rides in Maldives for Under-Water Expeditions

Embark on comfortable and air-conditioned submarine rides in Maldives into the underwater realm at 100 feet below the ocean’s surface. To ensure that you enjoy the smoothest and most comfortable Maldives submarine trip from Male, the submarine team will make sure that this submarine adventure in Maldives travels to the fascinating depths of the Indian Ocean.

Submarine Rides in Maldives are Irreplaceable

Submarine rides in the Maldives are an unforgettable adventure you won’t have the chance to have anywhere else. On a 45-minute trip with Whale Submarine Maldives, you’ll see lush gardens and fascinating aquatic life. The underwater scenery in the Maldives will be unlike anything you’ve seen or experienced before.

While not the deepest diving passenger submarines, those typical submarines can take up to 50 guests and three crew members to a maximum depth of 150 meters.

Submarine Rides in Maldives FAQs

  1. How long is the Maldives submarine tour?

The trip will take around 2 hours in total, including travel time, waiting time, and time spent underwater.

45 minutes spent underwater.

  1. How much does it cost to take a typical Maldives submarine ride?

Submarine tours in the Maldives cost between Rs 5000 ($71) and Rs 6000 ($85) for each person over the age of 12, and between Rs 3000 ($45) and Rs 6000 ($85) per kid. Depending on the kind of service provider, the cost varies.