Batu Caves - Malaysia
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Batu caves

If you want to see one of Malaysia’s colorful heritage sites, Batu Caves need to be on your bucket list. Batu Caves has three main limestone caves featuring temples and Hindu shrines. It’s impossible to miss the statue of Lord Murugan when you arrive at the Batu Caves. At the entrance, you can see a giant Lord Murugan statue which is the biggest Lord Murugan statue in the world. The massive staircase with 272 colorful stairs, leads to the caves. The cave has various Hindu shrines, as well as remains of old buildings carved into the walls. You can explore or worship the temples hidden inside the Batu Cave complex for several hours. Furthermore, you can take an audio tour. Innocent monkeys hang around the staircase and wait for the opportunity to grab your food items so keep your mobile phones safe in your pocket.. Explore Malaysia Tour Packages